Starting with red and white and finally red and white


Starting with red and white and finally red and white Arowana FarmAt first, I liked red and white. After going around in circles, I still think that red and white are the best!Wuxue City, Huanggang City, Hubei Province
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Sanshun Sheng Yuyou said: The fish are much bigger
Fish are raised in wood, fish friends say: good fish, beautiful tank
Dawning weixin0003 Yuyou said: The landlords panties are cool, where is it so hot
Changfeng v1M3I Yuyou said: Red and white are the most beautiful, I also have a few red and white
Xiaolong went home Yuyou said:
The Butterfly carp squatting Yuyu said: Oneness is also a beauty
The grassroots hero can eat and pull, confirm the filter cotton, is a diligent person
tropical fish Yuyu said: Yes
Zhou Jun RY8vT Yuyou said: Its nice to raise koi in this tank
o小呆os happy life The fish is so beautiful, praiseArk"s latest feed map"What kind of feed does the cow grow fast.How much is a ton of cattle feed?Ark Dilophosaurus feed formula#Where did the Ark feed formula come from~Ark pet feed formula!Donkey feed formula*Goose feed formula^Formula for rapid fattening feed for cattle:Starting with red and white and finally red and white?


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