About the cause of Dragonfishs mouth and treatment experience sharing


  About the cause of Dragonfishs mouth and treatment experience sharing

At the forum, many fish friends asked how to treat the mouth. Today, take some time to share with you the question about the mouth of the dragon fish. I believe everyone is very interested.

About the cause of Dragonfishs mouth and treatment experience sharing Arowana Farm ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet

Arowana is a bony tongue fish. It has to be said that its beauty has attracted many peoples love. The huge seven-fin with Zhang Heli, wide body, and colorful giant scales exude extremely beautiful colors.However, most of the arowanas that are carefully reared by everyone will cause double-mouthed and eye-dropping, which is really annoying. It is undoubtedly as beautiful as a woman without a figure and a figure without a beauty.Although I think this situation can be completely ignored, but everyone is worrying, then I would like to share my knowledge about the double talk!

About the cause of Dragonfishs mouth and treatment experience sharing Arowana Farm ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet

There are two types of dragon fish: innate and acquired. Based on different physiological structures, the occurrence rate of red dragons is much higher than that of golden dragons. So for red dragons, of course, it is also very practical to use on golden dragons.Lets talk about congenital. The so-called congenital is inheritance. Of course, the so-called Longsheng nine sons are of course the same as humans. Of course, hundreds of millions of years of genetic inheritance will certainly have many kinds of fish to talk about.The method of spot inspection is to measure the mouth of the dragon fish by hand. If you feel the teeth, it is regarded as a mouth. If Xiaolong 20-23 is recognized by the naked eye, no matter how to improve the uniformity of the food being fed, or the environment water bodyThe size is somewhat difficult to fully recover, at most it will be improved.For how to choose small fish in this respect, it is estimated that it is difficult for the merchant to explain to you. The only thing is to recognize the fish on the fish farm, but the general Sanwu Xiaolong cannot know the source. There are still many brands of dragon fish in China.Purchased from a fixed Indonesian fish farm. Simply put, a batch of fish from this brand is purchased at A fish farm and the next batch of fish is purchased at B fish farm, so you can never know what their parents are like.Also, do you have a mouthful?Therefore, the small dragon with a mass consumption of 3-8 thousand has no way to choose a small fish that is not born to talk about it. It can only be improved by the day after tomorrow, so I can only say, keep it well and ignore this problem!As far as we know, the name of the local fish farm in Indonesia is also the same as the dragon with a market price of 8,000 under the same name.There are two types of arowana brands: one is the brand of fish farm = the name of the original fish farm is the same name in China, and the brand of breeding small fish on its own fish farm.The second is that the East and West are selected, the lineage cant be judged, there is no own fish farm to breed, and the domestically famous commodity Arowana!Lets not talk about whether there is bloodline or no bloodline is good or bad performance!However, even if you buy fish from a real fish farm, it does not mean that you will not talk about it congenitally. In the end, you will have to see if the merchant will be honest, or if you are honest and dishonest.

About the cause of Dragonfishs mouth and treatment experience sharing Arowana Farm ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet

The second is the acquired factor. Everyone knows that the arowana grows too naturally. The living environment in the wild is in a large water area where the grass grows extremely densely. But if you raise it at home, the tank is far less than the wild.The formation of a dragonfish. ? ?The first point: the water body is small, this view may come from many articles, but there is basically no reason why?In fact, I have studied this question a lot, and finally found a true answer by experiment and verification. First, the fish tank is small, and the dragon consumes a lot of oxygen in a small water environment. After all, everyone knows that the dissolved oxygen rate of water is aThe value is usually about 5-14PPM. In the case of insufficient oxygen, the arowana will consume a lot of energy absorbed by the body, just like a person who has to rest after intensive exercise.The nutrients obtained by the natural dragon were originally used to make up for the needs, and then consumed in large quantities, resulting in nutritional deficiencies, resulting in mouthfuls.Then everyone wants to say that unlimited oxygen is not enough?It really doesnt work. First, as I said before, water dissolved oxygen has a rough bottleneck. The small consumption of water is greater than the dissolved oxygen value.Secondly, the unexploded oxygen can increase the TDS value and increase the carbon dioxide. This is also an accomplice for the arowana, because for the arowana, especially the red dragon, the structure of the lower jaw will be faster than the upper jawTo make a joke metaphor, the surrounding environment is very hard and restricts the growth of all aspects. It is like two glasses of water. 100 drops can fill the glass, A cup 1 second 2 drops into 1 second, B cup 1 second8 drops changed to 4 drops per second. After 25 seconds, Cup A only got one quarter, and Cup B was already full.Its just a metaphor, its not very practical, but everyone knows the truth. ? ?The second point: nutrition can not be too simple, in fact, fish and humans need to obtain multiple nutrients in order to grow better.When it comes to food, I have a good suggestion. The main food can be sea shrimp, followed by river shrimp.Complementary foods are available, with loach mainly followed by fish meat or good feed.As for the choice of sea prawns and river prawns, it is estimated that everyone may have a slightly different opinion from me, but after many successful treatments tell me.Sea prawns are preferred. I will explain in detail when it comes to treatment.Vitamins can be added on a regular basis. Vitamins can be purchased. If you feel troublesome, you can also choose fish vitamins. However, there are a lot of false products, everyone must pay attention.Attached to the sentence, vitamins are added when the fish is healthy. If you find standing scales or other damage to the bodys surface mucosa, dont put vitamins. This will greatly promote the growth of bacteria and make the fish itself more problematic. ? ?Lets talk about the treatment next, or everyone ignores it completely in the previous paragraphs, but I hope that everyone can read the experience sharing about the treatment of the douche seriously, because I do treat a lot of douche. ? ?一:食物选择 食物方面前段文章提及主食海虾和河虾,本人主推海虾原因在这说一下,首先对于污染情况来说,我更相信大海受污染情况远比江河要小得多,各It also contains much less metallic elements.The second is that sea prawns are richer in scales than river prawns. It is very important for arowanas to require scale elements.Then the shrimp protein accounted for 20% higher than the shrimp 15%, calcium is also stronger than the shrimp, so the bone growth rate is faster.Although there are slight differences between the two shrimps in several aspects, it is enough for long-term feeding.So in the end I chose sea shrimp.The auxiliary food is mainly loach, because loach is expensive as ginseng in water, and its metabolism is a very, very high food. Many people hate the mucus on it, but everyone actually does not know that the mucus of loach is also called synovial fluid and has diuretic.Tonglin, detoxification and swelling effect.Commonly used for incontinence, fever, carbuncle, erysipelas, boils, mumps, otitis media, burns, and paint sores.Although I dont know if these can help the dragon, it has been confirmed in many biological medicinal books.Some fish friends feel that there will be too many bacteria in the mucus. Here I explain, including shrimp, loach, any food, I recommend freezing for 48 hours.Basically 98% of the bacteria will die at minus 25 degrees, and the rest of the bacteria will be regarded as natural ecology.It is not recommended to feed live food, loach is worn through the stomach, and live food feeding is more violent. Examination is mostly all kinds of mumps. Two: Temperature The temperature of the water body is recommended to be around 30 degrees during treatment. This is the temperature that Arowana prefers. A suitable environment achieves a good state. Any treatment cannot be separated from a good state.Everyone now thinks why many of the fish cultured in the fish farm are out of mouth. The environment is small and the nutrition is insufficient. The low temperature culture allows the dragon to show better hair color performance for self-protection.However, some friends may doubt that if the metabolism is accelerated at 30 degrees, does the dragon grow faster and more?In fact, as long as the food is well controlled, there is no such question.Even in good condition, all aspects of growth will be good, including the possibility of automatic recovery from eye drop. Three: frequency of water change The frequency of water change is recommended to be changed to a quarter of 15 days at the earliest. If the aquarium has good water quality, change the water as long as possible to reduce the maximum growth.The growth of Xinshui is more serious than that of high temperature.The cotton should be cleaned more frequently than before to prevent the growth of bacteria. Four: Control of food intake. Big becomes small, small becomes big, more becomes less, less becomes more.Here to talk about the feeding of small dragons, it is recommended to use 1CM as the best size. Everyone will know that the arowana likes to swallow, especially when hungry, even the largest food will be swallowed in one bite. It is recommended that each meal be 6 points full and 10 pointsFor fullness, a stronger sense of hunger = better status = better hair color!For digestion, 10 points fullness may be digested and absorbed the next day, 6 points fullness is easy to digest, good condition + exercise amount = better growth.How to judge?Slightly bulging belly.When the arowana is near fullness, it will chew, and when it is full, it will be included in the mouth to bite. This will greatly increase the frequency of movement of the jaw, which will help the probability of the mouth.If the arowana has a mouthful, whether it is acquired or congenital, it is necessary to know clearly the feeding habits of itself or the former owner.This is why some aquarists can successfully treat mouth and crooked mouth by feeding small turtles.More less, more less is actually a way to change the occlusion habits of arowana.The change in mutual food intake has played a great role in improving pockets. Due to the physiological structure of the dragon fish, the slightly lighter middle and small dragons, if you really dont want to toss, or if you cant treat it, you can give up, because 55+ Jackie Chan will have a function to automatically repair the mouth, especially after 60 cmThe big dragon sees the appearance of the pocket mouth less, the most is that the lower lip is relatively long, it is not earth-covering = pocket mouth.If the middle and small fish pockets are more serious, due to the long-term nerve compression, even after the adult fish cant recover automatically, it is not recommended to perform surgery. Friends with poor skills will only make the lower lip more ugly! The four steps of food + water temperature + frequency of water change + food intake control rate sound simple, but this is the conclusion of many years of successful treatment of themselves and fish farms and fish friends.Dont ask why, Im not a scientist either. This is my own suggestion. Friends who like it can collect it. Dont spit it out if you dont like it.Maybe I have a lot of details that I didnt tell, because I didnt make a draft, so I said what I thought, and finally crashed, only half of it was saved, which is really sad.Again, the fishermen who can ignore the double talk will be happier during the breeding process, because some are really unavoidable. Thank you for watching Mizuai the fish farmer

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