Where to go on weekends? Come to Zhangzhou Flower Expo to watch dinosaurs and reward koi


  Located between the Muhai Hibiscus Flower Garden and the agricultural Exhibition Hall, it is the "Xanadu" Huadu Koi Ornamental Garden that is often overlooked by tourists.The park covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters, about 3.5 acres.It is a courtyard-style ornamental garden that combines the local style of Minnan and the Japanese Zen style.The Huadu Koi Ornamental Garden has both ornamental and sales. There are currently two ornamental ponds, a giant koi pond and a fine koi pond. A total of 609 koi koi, all of which are of pure Japanese origin, are from the Japanese Izu fishing ground and Itai.13 famous species of Japanese Koi fisheries, including the fishing grounds, big day fishing grounds, and Songjiang fishing grounds, were all unveiled.

  In response to this, Fujian Dailys new media, Minnan.com, planned a series of reports, including traffic articles, expedition articles, and entry strategies. At the same time, aerial photography, short videos, and VR panorama products have been launched.What new changes and new highlights are there at this years expo? With full anticipation, reporters from Fujian Dailys new media, Minnan.com, once again entered the Huabo Garden and "freshly" explored the camp.

  In the Huabo Garden, the new and unique, vigorous dinosaur entertainment "Empire" dinosaur park is believed to attract the attention of adults and children.The park is located in the cherry blossom garden next to the food street. Here, in addition to being able to take pictures with various large dinosaurs, it is also a happy paradise for children.

  Minnan News, November 17 (Fujian Daily New Media Minnan News reporter Zhang Hanfeng, Li Changqian text/picture) The Ninth Cross-Strait Modern Agriculture Expo The 19th Cross-Strait Flower Expo will open tomorrow in Huadu, Southeast.Speaking of flower expo, can you only see flowers when you go to the scene?Obviously, the answer is no.In order to show the highlights of the whole country and the whole city, the Zhangzhou Flower Expo is not only a grand event of Zhangzhou flowers, but also developed into a one-stop leisure new world of eating, drinking and playing.


  It is worth mentioning that most of the koi in the giant koi pond are champion fish and race-level fish, regardless of the color and body type.



  In addition to the Flower Art Museum and the Eco-Fishery Museum, during the Flower Expo, parents with their children and children accompany their parents. They can also visit the Kishi Museum, Modern Agriculture Museum, Fantasy Science and Technology Museum, Dinosaur Park, Koi Ornamental Garden, etc.It is said to be one of the most lively festivals of the year for the people of Zhangzhou.

  The guide Xiao Xiao introduced that many of the giant koi carps in the Huadu koi carp garden were awarded at the National Koi Carp Comprehensive Appraisal Conference and the domestic koi car tour. There are trophy displays in the reception room.The price of each koi carp is above RMB 30,000.In addition to beautiful koi carps, Thai crocodiles and scarecrows will be displayed in the garden.Thick line fish video%What kind of medicine does the crown three fish blindfold use?~Thick thread fish blindfolded overnight*How to cure white spots on fish eyes"Outer Mongolian Eye Treatment,Fish blindfold treatment)When does the thick thread fish turn red&How to cure blindfolded fish



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