Application of lactic acid bacteria in aquarium


  Application of lactic acid bacteria in aquariumIntroduction:
Lactic acid bacteria refer to a group of non-spore, gram-positive bacteria whose main product of fermented sugar is lactic acid. It is a general term for a class of bacteria that can use fermentable carbohydrates to produce large amounts of lactic acid.
Lactic acid bacteria can perform many physiological functions in animals:
Research data shows that lactic acid bacteria can promote the growth of fish, regulate the normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract and maintain the micro-ecological balance, thereby improving the function of the gastrointestinal tract; improving food digestibility and biological potency; lowering serum cholesterol, controlling endotoxins; inhibiting the intestineThe growth of spoilage bacteria in the road: improve the bodys immunity, etc.The organic acids, special enzymes, oxymycin and other substances produced by fermentation of lactic acid bacteria have special physiological functions, which can stimulate tissue development and have an effect on the nutritional status, physiological function, immune response and stress response of the body.

Application in ornamental fish:

1. Lactic acid bacteria degrade carbohydrates to produce lactic acid to reduce the PH value in animal intestines, thereby inhibiting the growth and reproduction of acid-tolerant anaerobic pathogens in the intestines, and strengthening the immunity and disease resistance of fish in the tank.

2. Lactobacillus normally exerts metabolic activity in the organism, can directly provide the host with necessary amino acids and various vitamins (B vitamins and K vitamins), and can also increase the biological activity of mineral elements, thereby achieving the provision of the hostEssential nutrients, enhance the animals nutritional metabolism, and directly promote its growth.
3. Lactic acid bacteria metabolites lactic acid and other organic acids can help the absorption of calcium, iron and vitamins.Under certain conditions, its metabolite lactic acid forms calcium lactate, which promotes fish growth.

4. The B vitamins and short-chain fatty acids synthesized by the growth of lactic acid bacteria can neutralize the toxicity of toxic substances in animals, especially relieve the toxicity of the death of Vibrio in vivo, protect the liver and enhance the detoxification and detoxification functions of the liver.

5. Lactobacillus decomposes protein, but does not produce spoilage products, and is more easily absorbed by the intestines of Aiyu.The acidic substances, lactic acid bacteria, hydrogen peroxide, and CO2 in its metabolites can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, so lactic acid bacteria are called "spectral antibacterial drugs" that are environmentally friendly and have no side effects.It can effectively inhibit diseases caused by various pathogenic Vibrio spp., Vibrio seriformis, Vibrio harveyi, Vibrio alginolyticus, Vibrio parahaemolyticus.

6. Lactic acid bacteria can produce a large amount of lactic acid bacteria, have a certain inhibitory effect on most harmful bacteria, and have a biological removal effect on harmful organisms and algae in the landscaping tank.

7. Lactic acid bacteria can decompose the organic substances produced in the bait in the water under aerobic or anaerobic conditions, thereby forming a suitable environment conducive to the reproduction and growth of beneficial bacteria and improving the microbial population in the organism.Lactic acid can reduce and stabilize the pH of the water body and maintain the acid-base balance of the water body.

As more and more new strains and specific strains are used in production, we must fully consider the characteristics of animal flora and the relationship between the host and the environment, use them scientifically and reasonably, and escort the love fish.

Precautions for using lactic acid bacteria:

1. Due to its own physiological characteristics, lactic acid bacteria need to use 40-50 ℃ stable water when it is activated, and use 1: 1 ratio of glucose (brown sugar) to provide energy. The whole process does not require oxygen, and the sealed fermentation is in the best state.

2. Because of the acidity of PH required for its growth, the pH is 8.The internal effect of water body above 2 is better.

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  a3849272 Say: The younger brother is not talented. Recently I saw many friends talk about the use of filter materials together. I do nt have too many suggestions. I just want to share my experience of using filter materials for so many years. It is for everyone s reference. It is a case. I thinkIf it makes sense, support it. If you find it unreasonable, please pass by with a smile. Thank you.
The younger brother started to launch water in 10 years. At first, all kinds of small fish, cold water fish, koi, grass gold, etc. were messed up, as well as the caught fish and the fish that were eaten, all kept in a rotten tank.When I first entered the society, I had no money to buy filter materials. They were all a pump and a rag.
At the beginning of the 14th, the grass tank began to have requirements for temperature CO2, etc., and slowly began to pay attention. In order to get out of the state, I began to use various filters, but the effect can only be said to be general.Function, but a self-contained ecological cycle.At the end of the year, I had enough fun with the grass tank. Only one cylinder of pepper grass and flamingo pepper grass were left. I started the cultivation of crystal shrimp. I really came into contact with the core of the water quality.

At the beginning, the crystal shrimp culture was made with top-grade filter materials. The mud is absolutely no problem. The water is a mineral spring prepared by RO.At the beginning, the quality of the water is the best state of regulation, but after going down, the shrimp is not right. As we all know, the crystal is almost not sick, only to return to the west, and do not give you time to react.At the beginning, I found that the water from the RO machine, no matter how it was prepared, was always as good as tap water plus UV disinfection. After changing the water, there was no problem.However, it was slowly discovered that the water quality was still unstable and fluctuating.I searched for the reason, and finally changed the filter material. It took a few days. After a while, it did nt work anymore. I even used building red bricks and aerated blocks. I was forced to change it again. There was no suitable filter material at the end., Began to use cotton, the result is good, F1 to more than 20 generations.
Since then, all I have is cotton. No matter what I raise, I dare not use filter media. I have almost never encountered any problems caused by fluctuations in water quality.I personally think that Crystal Shrimp is a particularly fragile creature. If something goes wrong, it will die for you. Unlike fish, it can still have an onset symptom. For such a fragile creature, I use cotton, and other things must be fine.The above is my personal understanding of the filter media in recent years, just to see

Yuyou a3849272 Say: Anyway, for me, the process of waiting for the love fish to land is the most difficult. The moment when unboxing and watching the fish is the most sour, especially seeing the love of fish as your own expectations (quality, safety), but even more happy and relieved.If you do nt eat the tank, you ll be sad. Today, I ll talk to you about how to catch the fish and pass the water correctly to avoid the new fish from refusing to eat.

1. Before buying fish
Health is the most important. The most effective way to judge whether the stingray is healthy is to feed. Let the merchant record the feeding video to show you. The healthy stingray has the performance of feeding in the tank before feeding. The feeding process is fierce and swallowing quickly.
Followed by signs and status, healthy stingrays are strong in shape (non-edema), have strong swimming, closed vents (non-single-gill breathing), and even breathing (fast breathing after violent swimming is normal).

2. Delivery preparation
Stingrays are basically transported in oxygen for bagging. In order to avoid stingrays polluting the water during transportation (ammonia-nitrogen poisoning), the stingrays should be stopped before delivery. The length of the stoppage depends on the time of transportation and the size of the stingraysTo judge, it is generally 3 to 5 days. If the stingray plate is large and the transportation time is very long, the time for stopping food should be extended.

3. Preparation for catching fish
Before receiving the fish, you should ensure that the water quality in the tank is good. It must be a sound water body with a nitrification system. PH, NO3 meets the standard, and NO2 and ammonia do not exceed the standard. In addition, reserve open foods like prawns, red worms and other stingrays.It should be prepared to cut off (to prevent new fish from being bullied by other fish), and change a quarter of the water before the fish to prepare for the new fish into the tank.

4. Arrive on time
I usually get fish in about an hour and a half after the plane lands, but I arrive early every time because I do nt want to see the fish exposed to the sun or stay in it for a long time and lose temperature and lack of oxygen.

5. Unpacking and unpacking
When the airport sees the box, it should check whether the outside of the carton is intact and whether there is water leakage. If there is water leakage, it means that the inner packaging is damaged, and the fish is likely to have safety problems. At this time, you should use the mobile phone to record the damage and open the package to seeThe video record of the fish is sent to the fish merchant as proof of the situation to facilitate the reporting of damages.
In short, open the box and watch the fish as much as possible to record and archive, so that the responsibility for transportation loss can be effectively divided, and it is not a bad thing for both buyers and sellers.

6. Over water
The purpose of passing water is to adapt the stingray to the water quality of the new tank, first pour the stingray together with the water in the transport bag into a clean storage box (you can also complete the water directly in the transport bag, how to operate as convenient), and thenPut the sand head connected to the air pump into the storage box to start oxygen supply, and then connect the prepared air pump tube (4mm) to the fish tank at one end and the storage tank at the other end, and slowly introduce the water from the fish tank into the storage tank.The trachea does not need to be knotted. The flow of 4mm is just right. The water passing time is generally 30 to 60 minutes (I feel that the water in the new tank has completely replaced the old water transported). In fact, the water passing time is too long but not good. Observe the stingrayWhether it swims slowly (with signs of adaptation), at this point, you can slowly pour the stingray together with the water in the storage tank into the fish tank, and the water is over.
Need to be prepared in advance: storage box (appropriate size), trachea (appropriate length), heating rod (used in cold weather), air pump.

7. Feeding and changing water
In general, I recommend feeding new fish 24 hours after entering the tank, and feeding less and easily digestible foods. This is why you should prepare river prawns. Feed river prawns first (try to remove the head and shell) if you do nt eat them.Feed the red bug.
Change the water according to the state of the new fish. If the condition is poor, do not change the water temporarily. Give the new fish enough time to adapt. It is generally recommended to change the water after the new fish enters the tank for 3 days. The amount of change should not exceed one quarter.

After watching, please pay attention to his wife unpacking, men tearing stockings, and keepers out of the box, the excitement, excitement and affection that these people show in doing these things are absolutely the same.

Yuyou a3849272 Say: 1 Oil film is an inevitable problem in our fish farming process, whether you are a Arowana tank, grass tank, Sanhu tank or other mixing tank.
1 Causes of oil film
The tap water contains a small amount of impurities in the organic matter. After a period of time in the water tank, the fats and oils of the organic matter dissolve in the water and float to the surface.
Eight of the algaes tissues become "oil lipids".After the algae decayed and rotted, the fat dissolved in the water and then surfaced.When new water is injected, the grease attached to the water grass, tank wall, etc. will be washed out, and then it will float out of the water surface, resulting in the phenomenon of oil film on the water surface.
Grease produced by the remains of microorganisms or old waste, bait, organic matter, etc.The condition of the oil film is most severe when there is no flow on the water surface.
The filter material in the filter is too dirty, thus spilling grease.

The hazards of untreated oil film are also well known. First, it prevents the exhaust gas or water temperature from dissipating in the water, which deteriorates the water quality early. Second, it prevents the light source from entering the water and affects the photosynthesis of water plants. These hazards to our fish tank can be imagined.

2 oil film solution

1.Collect the oil film in the cup slowly and discard it
This method works, but it is no exaggeration to go back and forth like this every day, and you will be exhausted .

2.Absorb with oil-absorbing paper, you can put oil-absorbing paper on the diagonal of the water outlet (oil film gathering area) to remove the oil film
Worth a try, buy more absorbent paper!

3.Remove dirt from the filter
The key to daily cleanup is to be diligent!

4.Breeding fish that use fat as food (fish that will float on the water and eat dirt on the water), such as the black girl or the black teapot, can reduce the generation of oil film
Raising toolfish is definitely a great option, as long as your toolfish is not.

5.Use the oil film processor to make the oil film enter the filter, use the filter cotton in the filter material to adsorb, and the nitrifying bacteria decompose the oil
But the problem is that it costs more to purchase an additional oil film processor.Imagine what kind of experience a fish tank is filled with oil film processor, water purifier and filter ~

Yuyou a3849272 Say: The formation of sarcopenia is usually caused by the erosion of a small hole into a large hole. It is often mistaken for perforation. In fact, it is a serious perforation. It may be a different name for people.In the early stage of carrion disease, use yellow medicine or aquatic medicine (yellow medicine powder plus a little water to make a thick liquid), the effect is good, if you can apply it daily, the effect is better.At the end of carrion disease, it will rot into a big hole, which will lead to septicemia and death. Only antibiotics can save lives. You can add 250mg of chloramphenicol to 100 liters of water and six tablets.However, there are many types of antibiotics. If abused, it is easy to produce drug resistance, which will cause no medicine to be treated in the future, so it is not necessary as much as possible. It is best to treat it in time when it is discovered at the initial stage.Here are some treatment methods:

1.Maintain the temperature at 30 degrees.Stop feeding.Put penicillin put 800,000 units plus rainbow white medicine per 100 liters of water.Add yellow powder and put 3 grams per 100 liters of water for 3 days to change the water tonic

2. It is better to change the water by one-third before distributing the medicine. It is best to change the water by one-eighth every two days during treatment and make up some medicines. Filter the whole day (it is best to clean it first).The applicable medicine is yellow powder (0.3 grams) or dysentery (about 4 tablets per meter) combined with salt (about 70 grams per meter); potassium permanganate, add a small amount of water to the water, the water is reddish.Pay more attention to the maintenance of water quality in the future, generally every ten days to change the water from one tenth to one eighth

3. Isolate the fish and put it in another pot. Put 50-100 grams of salt for every 5 kilograms in the pot. The medicated bath takes about 15 minutes, 3 times a day, usually about two weeks, but this process will be more troublesome

Yuyou a3849272 Say: Thousands of things in the pool,
Fluttering colorful butterflies dancing;
Frightened at once,
Escape into Shatang without a trace.
Its the same when youre idle. Lets start with a final poem and talk about stingrays.In the previous article "No Violence, No Breeding", the urgency of stingrays was mentioned. The literal meaning of the word urgency is more to describe "things, time", etc .; it does not describe the state and emotions."An explanation, but our predecessors who played fish have characterized one or several states of stingrays, described as urgent, so define it.
Stingrays are temporarily positioned in three stages in their growth, which are divided into juveniles, sub-adults and breeding fish.Each and every stage of breeding will encounter these and other problems, and urgency should be a relatively common category.The causes of urgency are varied at every stage, and there are many reasons, such as startle, sickness, and breeding bite.Among these reasons, there will be urgent surface manifestations such as outliers, quilting, resting, nervousness swimming and fasting.Then how can we analyze the urgency in the face of urgency, analyze that urgency is caused by fright, urgency is caused by illness, etc., we need to observe the urgency performance of different stingrays for a long time until the result, and slowly sum up experience to be accurateJudging the reason, and if the treatment measures are properly handled, the loss will be recovered in the urgent stage of the stingray.You asked, how to distinguish the urgent performance?Today I will talk about "Exploring the causes of stingrays urgency".

Stingrays urgency no matter when it is growing up, if it is not handled properly, it will extend to gastrointestinal disease and fasting state until weak death.Therefore, accurate observation and analysis is the homework you and I need to do.There are many problems in the juvenile period. Through my summary, there are three reasons for the urgency of small fish.1. Bacterial enteritis; 2. Light source; 3. Trauma.

1. Bacterial enteritis is a difficult disease at present. Often, the juvenile fish just born are in a very good state, without discomfort, but the way of manifestation is that they will be lazy three days after birth.What caused this situation?How to prevent it?Let s first talk about how it is caused; stingray stingrays behave normally in the breeding tank, and they eat and drink in March, but the invisible and invisible viral bacteria have actually been transmitted to the mother s body.In juvenile fish in the womb.You also asked, since the bacteria have been produced in the mother, why havent they seen anything different?That is because the viral bacteria carried by the seed mother do not have the upper hand in the mother body, and at the same time, the mother will become a big stomach king after pregnancy, absorbing more vitamins to suppress the invasion of the virus bacteria; after the baby is born, it will leave the mother, I have been unable to protect myself and cause outbreaks of bacteria until death.It is recommended to use Qingfeng stingray special "multivitamin dry powder" and "probiotics" branded in the market for a long time in the breeding ponds, so as to help the breeding fish absorb more beneficial vitamins, suppress or even kill viral bacteria,After years of verification, the current success rate is 100%.

2. The light source Gu Mingsiyi is the lighting of the fish tank.You said again, how could the lighting hurt the fish?The lighting will not directly harm the small fish, but it will cause the small fish to be frightened between one level and one turn, causing urgency to stop eating.Therefore, it is recommended that you turn on the lights for a long time or not use the lights for a long time to solve these problems.

3. I often hear from my colleagues that the small fish just produced were bitten to death.Generally, the newly born small fish will inevitably encounter harassment by the male or other females. After the small fish is injured, if the host does not have further treatment measures, the small fish will have a certain probability that they will not open the mouth to eat, resulting in a weak body.Therefore, in addition to doing more physical security measures, after inevitably encountering the bitten fish, it is recommended to take a yellow powder medicated bath for 15-30 minutes every day (7 consecutive days), anti-inflammatory and sterilization, operation methodI wont go into details, everyone should do it.In the breeding process, there are more problems than I have summarized, but I did not list them because they are conventional problems, such as the treatment of water quality, temperature, and food sources. These problems must of course be solved first.In order to be able to involve some of the above details, so that we can really enjoy the fun and the joy of success in fish farming.

Yuyou a3849272 Say: The water body of our fish farming is just like nature. The so-called purification is mainly aimed at the harmful substances in the water: ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate (non-toxic), heavy metals, chlorine, bleach and so on.
Many aquarists may only know that nitrifying bacteria can convert ammonia nitrogen into nitrite, and then nitrite into nitrate, but the mechanism of action may not be well understood. Let me say a few words here.
First of all, ammonia nitrogen is mainly NH3. In acid water, NH3 will be mostly converted to NH4 (ammonium), which is non-toxic. The nitrification system converts ammonia nitrogen to nitrite. During this period, it plays a role as a microbial catalyst to convert NH3It becomes no2- after oxidation.Furthermore, no2- is oxidized to no3- through the catalysis of nitrifying bacteria and oxygen in the water.This is how the nitrification system works.
But in fact, no3- itself is also unstable. Many people may not know that no3- will also be converted back to no2-, which is why we need to perfect a stable nitrification system.This is why we need to add nitrifying bacteria regularly.Reasons for falling PH: traces of free hydrogen ions (valence +1) in water, combined with no3-, form traces of HNO3, scientific name nitric acid, acidic strong persulfuric acid (heard if it is a bit panic to hear here), this is how your fish tank falls acid!

Finally, let me introduce the disadvantages of nitrite: nitrite will combine with the blood and enter the blood, which will convert normal hemoglobin into denatured hemoglobin. During this period, the valence of iron (Fe) ion changes, from 2 to 3Price, thereby losing the function of carrying oxygen, tissue hypoxia occurs.This is why nitrite is easy to kill!

I hope that these correct understanding of the nitrification system will help

Yuyou a3849272 Say: Batch cleaning and replacement
In order to reduce the impact on the nitrification system and reduce the quality of the water, it is necessary to clean or replace the filter material in batches. The general interval is more than 10 days. For example: there are 3 tanks in the bottom filter to place the filter material. Clean today(Replacement) The first grid will be cleaned (replaced) after 10 days, and so on.

Sewage must be cleaned and replaced
Before moving the filter material, the pump should be stopped first, because the moving process will inevitably cause the pollution of the water in the filter tank to be increased. These sewages have a high toxic content. In order to prevent the sewage from entering the main tank and poisoning the stingray, the sewage must be diluted and the pump cycled.

Filter materials need to be soaked
The new filter material should be cleaned and immersed in clean water for 48 hours to minimize harmful substances and avoid water quality shock.

Add nitrifying bacteria
With the cleaning or replacement of the filter material, it will affect the nitrification system more or less, so after cleaning or replacement, you should add high-quality nitrifying bacteria according to the instructions.

Reduce feeding
1 to 5 days after cleaning or replacing the filter media, the number of feeds should be reduced to reduce the excretion of stingrays, thereby reducing the load on the nitrification system.

We recommend that the filter medium be cleaned once every six months (he sand should be cleaned once every 10 days). Traditional filter medium should be replaced once a year.

Yuyou zp850621 Say: How can there be any convenient way to remove oil film?What to feed the stingray~Freshwater stingray$White stingray%Stingray refused to eat@Stingray crossing the water%Is the jubali fish good?(Chili Fengguan Guandao is Baizi Guandao.How about dragon fish at Xianglong fishing ground/


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