Is your fish tank smelly?


  Excuse me, old players, is your fish tank smelly?Is this normal?
Is there any way to reduce or eliminate the fishy smell?
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Mr. Wolong Comment: It is inevitable to have a taste if the water is not good. Change the water frequently. I change one fifth every day. There is also Maifan stone in the bucket, which is basically tasteless!
zzy19860218 Comment: Added: My dragon feeds a loach every day, and I return water once every 4 days, about 1/6.
However, my fish tank is used for filtering, and I feel that my filtering system is not good.
Flame Phantom Comment: Either the filtering problem or you havent changed the water for too long!
448722045 Comment: Add activated carbon
Daydream Comment: Explain that your water is not good!Too lazy!Hahaha
rhpeng Comment: Feed too much, change water frequently, dont pour in at once when feeding, feed one by one
qkq comment: start with filtering
zzy19860218 Comment: When the lid is opened, is it useless?
A hundred years of masks Comment: What kind of fish do you raise, how can it smell fishy!!!
ljtajh168 Comment: I didnt smell it, if there are some with lids, there is basically no tasteIngot fish with whitish eyes@What to do if the God of Wealth fish has prominent eyes.Yuan Baoyu"s eyes burst out#aquarium fish with prominent eyes&Fish eyes bulged out~Lohan fish eye highlight pictures*Colorful angelfish with prominent eyes)What to do when the fish eyes are convex!Ingot fish eyes puff out and turn white?


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