Help!! Blisters skin shedding

Hi all, my apologies if this is addressed by mod KOA in his earlier post on the open sore disease, but after going away for 2 days, I came back and noticed that my large discus started showing whitish areas, like the skin peeled off ( refer to image)
Things that I changed prior to this
1) tried to change to mainly pellets diet with occasional frozen bloodworms
2) changed water change frequency - every 2 days 20% to every 3/4 days 30-40%
Things that I should try?
1) quarentine, but I do not have a spare tank。 Have spare filter and airstones etc but will a large pail be enough? / up water chna
2) heater / salt treatment??
3) from mod KOA earlier thread someone mentioned about leaving them in chlorine for the bacteria to die?
4) medicine ?
Cant seem to upload pictures right now。。。。 Will do so later
Hi bro。 Looks like fungus to me。 You may want to increase temp to 30-32degC, add melafix or furan 2 and salt。
If possible try to quarantine the individual else treat the entire tank as the above is safe for all。 Reduce ur feed and male sure to maintain clean water。
Hope the above help
>Hi bro, notice you have gravel in the tank? Its difficult to keep the water clean as food bound to get trapped within。 If youre lucky, vacuuming the gravel every now and then will keep your water quality in check。 If unlucky, heavy pouring of water during WC will disturb the gravel and bacteria living in it thereby quickly fouling the water。 Suggest you keep a few pails of aged water, after water has aged, transfer all of them into a few pails,MALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA no more than 2-3 per pail unless u have strong aeration。 Only after u have removed the livestock then quickly remove the gravel and do a proper clean up。 Put in part fresh tap water (with anti chlorine etc) and part aged water。 Aerate well for 30min then slowly introduce the livestock back。 Dont have to fill to the brim。 Just enough to keep your filter going and fishes swimming up right。 After fishes stabilize (30min-2hr) then start medicating。。。 For anti chlorine, I use combi of Baxter 3in1 powder + API stress coat。 Just follow instruction。 So far no prob。 For external fungus and gill flukes,Help!! Blisters skin shedding I use EIHO aqua blue。 But in this case, looks like API furan 2 would be worth the cost。 Only start dosing when u have time to observe。 Keep aeration going and have spare age water on standby in case need to dilute。 Generally jus follow instruction and u should be ok。 Take care。
>Hi all, thanks for the prompt reply, I currently do not have a quarantine tank, will a large pail be fine? Also will the medication be harmful if I treat the whole tank? And also what are the chances of surviving! Thanks a lot guys
>Bro were saying your tank is not bbt as therere gravel that can trap waste food, feces, dirt,Help!! Blisters skin shedding etc as a room for bacteria to grow。 Usually we use bbt (bare bottom tank) for discus。
Not too sure your is slime disease where there is a thin cloudy layer on discus skin OR skin already drop some。 You can try furan2 with salt after 50% wc no need heater。 Dose for a full course of 7-10days as other bros have advise。
I guess rinse them under direct tap water or salt/med bath is a bit troublesome for you to handle。
I used to keep discus in semi planted tank with sand/gravel and i found it has the cons as i mentioned above so for discus better to use bbt or fully planted tanks。
>Originally Posted by Yq33 Hi all, thanks for the prompt reply, I currently do not have a quarantine tank, will a large pail be fine? Also will the medication be harmful if I treat the whole tank? And also what are the chances of surviving! Thanks a lot guys Hi Bro, a pail will do just make sure you have good aeration and know the pail capacity so you dont overdose or underdose。 Problem with pail is you cant really see the fishs condition。 Also, not wise to dip your hand into medicated water especially with Furan 2。 Supposedly carcinogenic。 Use of nets at this point in time will cause more damage if not handled properly。 Prefer to bag it or use a suitable size container and guide the fish in or scoop it up gently。 Cheers。
>Okay sure thanks for the advice all!
>If you intend to use the pail as temporary holder, then better take this chance to clear and clean the main tank。 Disinfect the tank as procedure mentioned by bro Ray Fong! Remove the gravel, clean the filters, the tank etc then dry the tank for a day or two。 After that disinfect the tank and filters/everything with med for few days before use it again。 After that youve to kick start the tank cycling again with help of adding good bbs to speed up the tank cycle, while at the same time observe and doing treatment by mean of pail。 Good luck。


    Help!! Blisters skin shedding
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    Taotao says one hour a day is enough. You've been driving too long, the good bacteria in the water have been killed, and the arowana is not used to it

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