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   Big tail 002 Say: Awesome
Yuyou Longmuxuan Say: Send a post and talk about the treatment methods and details in detail, which can help many aquarists
Fish Friends Love Fish Heart Say:
Yuyou Golden Armor and Silver Corpse Say:
Yuyou Punishment Arrow Say: its beautiful
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Nice and beautiful for cure
Yuyou A Kafka Say: Not bad
Fish Friends Free @ 自在 Say: Arhat fish bones grow out of the fish body
Fish Friends Zhang Dashuai 666 Say: PrettyWhat silver arowana feeds grows fast?Must silver arowana eat special feed,Red Arowana feed live food&Silver Arowana Best Feed*How big aquarium do you need to grow%What size fish tank is suitable for arowana%Who is suitable for raising silver arowana$What is the best filter for arowana#What is the right filter for arowana$Is silver arowana feed for parrot fish?)


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