Feeding pattern arowana


  Feeding pattern arowana
Feeding pattern arowana Arowana Farm
Beautiful posture!
======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====
David Zhang said: Its easy to lose my eyes, and now I see one eye is gone.
Stinky baby said: Dont feed like this at last!If you are hungry, look down
Brother Xiao~~ said: Hair color is very good!How long have they been raised?Its easy to lose eyes
Fyuz said: Isnt this eye-feeding?

  gather in harvest?/p>burrybery官网Query of Chip Number of Xianglong Fish Farm/Characteristics of Baiziguan Saury^The difference between the red pearl sword and the ingot phoenix:Which arowana fishery is good in Guangdong)What fish do not love to fight with other fish%Supreme Arowana Fishing Ground,Arowana fishery ranking(Parrot fish biting parrot fish~Why parrot fish will bite each other"


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GH Arowana

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Goldfish belly-up


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