Three-month record


Three-month record Arowana Farm
Little Red Dragon entered the tank for 3 months, experienced polyculture fighting and lost scales, fin tail was interrupted, recovery is okay, and he has grown up a lot in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
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AresBatistuta Yuyou said: the yellow fin pomfret is best not to raise / cheap mouth, will peck the tail and pectoral fins of other fish
Soaring Ly Yuyou said: OKred velvet成员担当brazilian sandWhy is the 20cm golden arowana the best:Is Arowana safe to feed live fish?Arowana feeding into the tank for a few days%What do Arowana feed/Arowana technology#How often does Jinlong feedWhy do so many people raise gold arowana@Arowana feeding frog video%Arowana fishing bait(Three-month record。


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