Brother hold on Arowana FarmLessons from blood
======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====
Go forward bravely and say: dont open it at any time
Zi Fei Yan Yans Joy of Fish
He Mingjun said: Yes
Cai Caiyu said: I open in summer
I came to learn to raise Arowana and said: Jump?
AWg58hYU turn on the bottom filter and open the fan to blow
Wanda Hair Products said: It looks good in a good state
RCYF said: never open, no problem
Wanda Hair Products said: You must open the lid in summer.I open every day
No sail drip boat said: Its okay to open it, I protect the net, if you dont open the water, its easy to smell


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DFI 24K squirt

Red Tail Cat

How offen and minimum days we need to do

arowana in brakish water

Africian Goliath