What should I do if the power of the new submersible pump for the bottom filter fish tank is too lar


  Novice fish tank 150*60*76, bottom filter, the original pump was 2700L/hour, and the feces near the overflow area could not be sucked away. The newly purchased Gatchi sheep 8000L/hour pump was replaced and the bottom filter water was quickly pumped into the tank.However, the filtration speed of the water flow in the tank cannot keep up, and the water in the dry and wet separation boxes begins to overflow. How can you heroes only change the smaller pump?Or transform the dry and wet separation box?For advice, thank you

  Song Weixin Say: 1 Add a valve switch
Yuyou 15609717711 Say:
Where to add it, novices dont know how to drive, and then talk about it, thank you Song Weixin
Add a valve switch
Yuyou called me brother Say: The stick you bought.Cant the water flow be adjusted?
Yuyou A000 Xiaopei Say: Pump flow can be adjusted
Yuyou 15609717711 Say:
Its too fierce to adjust to the smallest
The stick you bought.Cant the water flow be adjusted?
Yuyoukulou0723 Say: 1 Almost 6000
Fish friend catyaojingjia Say: 1 The pump can be changed to a smaller one
Yuyou Shaozhibin Say: 1 Its not too ugly to add an on-off valve to the outlet pipe
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