Why doesnt my arowana color?


  Why doesnt my arowana color?

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  Tears of happiness Say: 1 Dont worry, turn on more side lights, look at the body is still a good dragon
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Fish Friends xujinxuan1 Say: ShuiqingyuliangRed Arowana and Ingot Phoenix Polyculture Video%What"s wrong with flying anchovies biting other fish/The longest life of saury#How to raise ingot ornamental fish%phoenix fish species$Parrotfish biting flying phoenix?Can thick-lined silver plate fish be mixed with arowana^What is the temperature of the ingot fish?!The dragon fish chased the phoenix and kept biting:


my 5 pup 4th litter

aro com:)

Arowana swallowing fries

Isolated Reef Surprises Scientist By Hea



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