Three Ratfish of the Emperor Help look at this fish


Three Ratfish of the Emperor Help look at this fish Indonesian Red Arowana

   Carmine Sakura big fish 18cm========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Goldfish enthusiast Yuyu said: How much is the price, about 50 yuan is more in line with the market price
Blue classic 8586 Yuyou said: stable
Sanhu in front of the tank Yuyou said: Which one started?Can a private link
Three lakes in front of the tank Yuyu said: Yes
Xiaoyaozi 1 Yuyou said: Yes, what price
Colletotrichum Yuyu said: If you dont understand goldfish, do you feel prettyKoi homemade feed floats*Arowana Koi"Can the dead silver arowana be eaten@Arowana staple food is better feed or shrimp/Is it good to feed live food or feed?%Arowana is a common koi feed:What are the benefits of Shenmu for arowanahomemade Floating Koi Feed,


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