How to judge the quality of a car?Much depends on the manufacturing process and the materials used.Toyota Costa not only has a tough appearance, spacious space and strong power, but also provides consumers with excellent quality assurance through superb car making technology and strict material selection.Toyota Costa 13 Deluxe Edition, as one of the most popular commercial vehicles in the commercial vehicle market today, Toyota Coaster 13-seater commercial vehicle has a beige gold dress on the exterior, the colorful centerline is like a fairy belt, Toyota CoasterAttend the car market in the business circle with a gentle and dignified attitude.Buy a car modified car consultation phone at the bottom of the article

  The Coster Business CMB modified car is positioned in the small and medium-sized bus, the body length, width and height are 7005mm, 2040mm, 2774mm, and the wheelbase is 3963mm, compared with Yutong T7, Jiangling Coster and Golden Dragon Coster at the same level in the marketThere is still a certain gap between the quality of the written model and Toyota, and the advantages of such size data are quite obvious.Not only does the internal riding space remain absolutely spacious and comfortable, but the trunk storage capacity and load space also surprise many car owners.The conventional storage capacity of Toyota Coaster CMB modified car is more than 2000L, which can meet the needs of manned and cargo under normal circumstances.Buy a car modified car consultation phone at the bottom of the article


  Imported Toyota Coaster, high-end business bus, high-end leading travel special vehicles, comfortable environment, stable performance, low-key temperament, is the darling of political and business circles.Advantages: rotatable leather aviation seats, fixed leather aviation seats, luxury desks, imported car refrigerators, additional refrigerator exterior decoration, electric lift curtains, car wireless fax machines, wheel hub covers, stainless steel debris racks, titaniumAlloy beverage racks, secretary desks, ceiling folding TVs, computer video and audio systems, vehicle carpets, loose carpets, air purifiers, electric steps, body color bars and other configurations.It is a multi-functional commercial vehicle that realizes the reception of government and business leaders, business offices, and business travel.


  The Toyota Coaster luxury business car inherits Toyotas concept of "mobile change the world". The car provides passengers with a more comfortable riding space and a quiet and elegant travel environment, which can make the journey easier and let passengers enjoy it.The fun of the journey.Toyota Coaster/Toyota Costa Enterprise VIP Edition: 7 seats, 8 seats, 9 seats and 10 seats, Enterprise Supreme Edition: 11 seats, 12 seats, 13 seats, 14 seats, 15 seats, government procurement version: 16 seats, 17 seats, 18 seats, 19 seats, 20 seats, 21 seats, 22 seats23 seats.All cars in the department, modified version commuter version, report version, reception version, deluxe version, flagship version, extreme version, extreme VIP version

  Toyota Coaster 11-seat Extreme Edition, Kosta 12-seat (Luxury Edition, Ultimate Edition, VIP Edition) 13-seat (VIP Edition, Ultra VIP Premier Edition, Supreme Ultimate Edition) 16-seat (Super VIP Edition, Super VIP Business Edition)VIP version, super VIP business version) The color beige metal color, the certificate and the seat match the national licensing!Imported Toyota Sea Lion 7 (VIP, Extreme, Ultimate, Customized) Toyota Sea Lion 8 (VIP, Extreme, Ultimate, Customized) Toyota Sea Lion 9 (VIP, Extreme, Ultimate, Customized)Version).Buy a car modified car consultation phone at the bottom of the article

  Every man has a Toyota Coaster in his heart, carrying people with dreams all the way forward."And now, this dream has come into reality. When Toyota Coaster gallops on the road, or quietly appreciates its fashionable shape, the power of breaking through the boundaries will make the sense of responsibility for protecting the family surge from the bottom of my heart, making him moreSufficient motivation to fight for the happiness of the whole family.

  2019 latest modified picture displayVIP Premier Edition, Supreme Ultimate Edition) 14 seats 15 seats 16 seats (Super VIP version, Super VIP Business Edition) 17 seats (VIP version, Super VIP Business Edition) 18 seats 19 seats 20 seats 23 seats, certificate of conformity to seats


  Toyota Coaster Chief Aviation Seat, Independent Seat, Seat Headrest, Rotatable Electric Adjustable, Flattenable, Electric Heating, Seat Massage, Electric Footrest, Seat Armrest, Imported Leather (Imported from Australia) This is just a seatAre you surprised by the function of the chair?If we want a larger number of seats, we can also change the directorate aviation seat to a row leader seat, that is, it can be two people, it is amazing.Red Arowana Quick Raising$Please red dragon fishred arowana Breathing@Shandong Red Arowana%Northern Red Dragon Fish*Red Dragon Fish Chariot^Red Arowana changed its mouth~Red Arowana for three years,Red Tail Red Arowana:Red Dragon Fish Red Dot?



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