Albino Koala Silver Arowana


  Yinlong has not been eating for ten days!The cylinder is closed as soon as it approaches!When will it be better, please enlighten the great god

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   li15716888827 Say: Dont get used to it

Albino Koala Silver Arowana Arowana FarmYuyou H00100200009 Say:
I cant turn on the lights when I go home at night. All the lights in the house hit the cylinder, let alone the ones in the cylinder. Now the cylinder is sealed li15716888827
Dont get used to it
Yuyou Red Dragon.breeze Say: hold on
Yuyu kurapika3 Say: Dont seal the tank and wait for it to adapt to the light.
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Ca nt wait for the environment
Yuyou Golden Armor and Silver Corpse Say:
Guan Yu Say: Retreat
Yuyou H00100200009 Say:
How to turn on the lights and how to turn on at night kurapika3
Dont seal the tank and wait for it to adapt to the light.
Yuyou H00100200009 Say:
Thanks Guan Zhuo
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RMM mama ray gave birth again safely.. T

New livestock arrivals 051516

Sharing My Albino Pair

My new babies, african arowana

Plecos, Black Bar Silver Dollarss, Super


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