Ask the gods for adviceTen seedlings arrive, and crown seedlings are coming soon. Can they be mixed with horse bream?
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Yujun Tongle Comment: It may not be the last ten, and the fighting strength of other fish is not bad
Its pure pleasure. Comment: Ten rooms are the best.
Big Tail 002 Comments: Dont razors eat your fish
Tianwu Shensi Comment: Of course it is the red devil, and the big black food can bite off the hand
Tian Wu Shensi Comment: The highest record I have ever seen, the Red Devil, killed all the five big sails and the flower tiger twice, and finally threw them into the big black food tank and dared to provoke black food.
Sky Dance God Comment: Ruby is not as effective as the Red Devil
Tianwu Shensi Comment: The Red Devil is still missing. If you add the Red Devil, your fish tank will be cleaned soon
Tianwu Shensi Comment: You intend to raise the three swordsmen
Zhong Junweixin commented: Ten rooms are more fierce. Although your rock habitat is also more fierce, for adult fish, the size of ten rooms will be larger than that of rock habitat, and ultimately bully the rock habitat.And your tank avoids less, once you hit it, there is no place to hide.
cngogjivw Comment: Best notLohan vs Arowana$Arhat Fish Fire Phoenix Price)Fire Phoenix Lohan Adult Picture,How to raise the Phoenix*How to raise arhat fry#White-eyed Fire Phoenix Lohan?What to put in the bottom of the aquarium(How much does the arhat fish fire phoenix turn redWhat is the phoenix arhat fish?"


My monster baby stingray namecat

Gar Comm 2013

180 Gallon @ tier Stand Sump = $550.00

I am a ray beginner :(

looking for fullycrossed xb arowana.