I first entered the pit and raised a few earth cannons to learn slowly


On the first day, two fish rushed out of the fish tank, and one of them broke the skin.
There is also a piece of grass gold that breaks into the tank, in fact, the red gold looks pretty good
This 1.2*36*50 high fish tank
Can you accommodate nine koi?
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God Forbidden Zone S Comment: Appreciated
Brother Tank 2 Comments: I hope to get better and better. How many fish do you lovePut your fingers in the water Will peck over
sky19791111 Comment: Not bad, very good
Brother Tank 2 Comment: Well, Feng Shui Fish doesnt expect much, its good to bring some peace to the heavy work.
Brother Tank 2 Comment: YesYou cant be so good, these are the ones that are raised
sky19791111 Comment: Not bad, very good
Lanzhou Koi Fish Friends 888 Comment: Keeping energy can only grow too much.
Stupid NANA Comment: filtering is good
Promi 001 Comment: Practice hand fish, just like it
普罗米001 Comment: AppreciatedEffect picture of raising colorful fish aquarium$Taobao can buy colorful fish#Big picture of colorful fish male and female%Is it good to raise colorful fish at home?^Colorful fish, angelfish, variety!Can colorful angelfish be mixed with snails?,How do colorful fish breed@How big can colorful fish grow:I first entered the pit and raised a few earth cannons to learn slowly?


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F2 BD pups born on May 26,2014.



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