Help see how this rookie is pure novice


  Help me see what this Luo is, pure novice
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======

Ice cream Comments: Pearl horses are still good.

Long Muxuan Comments: Pearl, can only be said to be average
Cat God Paul Comment: There is not much potential for the head
3G-Liang Chaoxin Comments: about 15cm
Yunyun Honghong Comment: The head is not full
LDianG Highlights Comment: The head is a bit discouraged,
Qing Feng Fei 001 Comment: Head down is a bit serious
Cat God Paul Comments: Pearl horse, seek size
There are always Diao 003 Comments: Yes
/yl wild chrysanthemum Comment: Very general, I feel a bit of a head down.Blood parrot fish feed increases redness and color&What parrot fish eat red%How often should the dragon fish feed the centipedeParrot fish feeding can turn red^What feed is good for red parrot fish%How often to feed the Red Arowana.What are the benefits of eating a centipede?How long will the dragon fish eat the centipede and become red/Can live centipedes feed red arowana directly:Red parrot fish feed that kind of good(


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