Guangdong Provincial Local Financial Supervision Administration


  Guangdong Provincial Local Financial Supervision AdministrationWen Zhanbin demanded that all departments at all levels should carefully follow the deployment of the national and provincial financial work conferences, accurately grasp the development situation and challenges facing the financial work of Yangjiang City, and comprehensively enhance the level of financial support for the revitalization of Yangjiang.We must actively complete all financial services to support the development of the real economy, steadily promote the reform of the rural cooperative medical institutions and the reform of the financial regulatory system, firmly adhere to the bottom line of no systemic financial risks, comprehensively improve financial awareness and financial quality, and solidly promote inclusive financeConstruction, strengthen the construction of the financial credit system, strive to build an excellent financial ecological environment, and earnestly increase the degree of intelligence of the financial industry in attracting investment, and provide strong financial support for economic and social development.

  Guangdong Financial High-tech Service Zone was established by the Guangdong Provincial Government in July 2007. It is the first of the seven basic platforms for Guangdongs strategy to build a strong financial province, and is the only provincial financial back-end service approved by the Guangdong Provincial Government. According to the State Council"Outline of the pearl river Delta Region Reform and Development Plan (2008-2020)", "Pearl River Delta Financial Reform and Innovation Comprehensive Pilot Zone Overall Plan" and the relevant strategic planning requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, finance[detailed]

  Chen Ji, member of the Standing Committee of Yangjiang Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, conveyed the spirit of the provincial financial work conference and the mobilization meeting of the province to accelerate the establishment of rural commercial banks.Persons in charge of Yangchun City, Provincial Rural Credit Union Yangjiang Office, Peoples Insurance Company of China Yangjiang Branch, China Construction Bank Yangjiang Branch made speeches at the meeting.

  Chen Xiaoshan emphasized that the various levels and departments of the city should firmly establish the "four consciousnesses", effectively integrate their thinking and actions into the central and provincial decision-making and deployment of financial work, and accurately grasp the "return to the source, optimize the structure, strengthen supervision, and market orientation.""The connotation of the four important principles promotes the healthy and stable development of the citys finance.We must resolutely prevent and mitigate existing financial risks, firmly focus on key areas and key links where risks are more frequent, check them one by one, plug loopholes, and find and handle abnormalities in a timely manner.It is necessary to prevent government debt risks, vigorously rectify debt evasion and violations of laws and regulations, and crack down on illegal fund-raising.It is necessary to implement the county (city, district) responsibility for risk prevention and control, strengthen the regulation of private financing, and ensure that the clue of illegal private fund-raising is dealt with in the first place.

  The leaders of Yangjiang City, Chen Qimeng and Lin Keqiang, the citys intermediate courts, the citys procuratorate, the main party and government leaders, the financial managers, and the financial managers, and the municipal, central, and provincial units in Yangjiang,Key financial institutions (enterprise) and the principals of financial industry associations attended the meeting.(Contributed by Yangjiang Financial Bureau)

  Chen Xiaoshan emphasized that it is necessary to vigorously improve the level of financial services to the real economy.The local governments, the financial sector and enterprises must firmly establish the "win-win" consciousness and "community of interest" concept, actively adapt to the new requirements of deepening supply-side structural reforms, and allocate more financial resources to key areas and weak links in economic and social development.Guide funds to the real economy, and provide financial support for key industries such as stainless steel, power and energy, equipment manufacturing, and food processing that are mainly developed in Yangjiang City.It is necessary to focus on service companies, solve the problem of strong financing difficulties reflected by enterprises, and make Yangjiang a new financial high ground.It is necessary to strengthen and improve the party committees leadership in financial work, implement the governments regulatory responsibilities, strengthen the building of financial personnel, and jointly advance financial work to a new level.

  In order to fully implement the decision and deployment of the 19th National Congress of the CPC on financial work and the spirit of the national and provincial financial work conferences, on the morning of December 15, 2017, Yangjiang City held a financial work conference to resolutely prevent and resolve existing financial risks, and vigorouslyImprove the level of financial services in the real economy and jointly advance financial work to a new level.The meeting was chaired by Chen Xiaoshan, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Wen Zhanbin made work arrangements.Can gar be kept with any fish?"What can the ingot fish be raised with?What kind of phoenix arhat fish belongs to%Fire Phoenix Arhat Fish Picture Video*Arhat Fish Fire Phoenix Seedling~Gold pineapple fish mixed parrot/Method of rearing arhat fish@Is the phoenix arhat fish expensive?!


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