I took this pool of 55cm


I took this pool of 55cm ALBINO PEARL STINGR

  Distressed to cut the blood, what do you think of this pool?========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  God Luo Tianzheng his grandfather Yuyou said: Bleeding blood? If its an authentic Japanese big day 55 cm, each one will cost tens of thousands
Unspeakable 003 Yuyou said: Brothers dare not to quote a price, let me die
Dry Mountain qq Yuyou said: beautiful, thank you for sharing.
Yidenglongmen Yuyou said: beautifulaquila dvrnatureIngot Koi,Guangzhou Yuanbao Butterfly carp%Which is better to keep red carp and koi.Taiwan Yuanshan Butterfly Carp^What medicine is used for koi fish diseaseWhat fish lucky house?Taiwan White Butterfly Koi Fish(How big can ingot butterfly carp grow%Authentic Butterfly Carp Video&What feed is good for koi fish"


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Update on My AK Red Comm

My New SP Ray

24k GBXB


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