Chili Red Arowana Will everyone show this is a red dragon?


  Chili Red Arowana Will everyone show this is a red dragon?
tiny.The seller said it was Red Dragon.But it looks a bit like a half or a blue dragon.Everyone, please take a look at Lintong District, Xian, Shaanxi Province
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TiAmo1214 Comment: Its too small, Red Dragon is so small, I havent seen a merchant who will sell it
Brother Xiangzi Comment: No, half, no one has seen such a small red dragon
Mr_王凯 Comment: Lying trough, so small, how much money?
Guangjin Supermarket Comments: Xiaolong and his mother could not recognize it, too small.
J Jiang Xueming Comment: Is the half-red dragon!cupboardnano cubeWhat to do if the stingray is bitten"Arowana stabbed by stingray~What to do if the stingray"s tail is whitish#Why do stingrays keep a pair&Can the stingray"s edge be broken and grow?.How much is a black and white stingray^What to do if a stingray is bitten?What"s wrong with the stingray"s white skirt/How to raise stingray$


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