Great gods come and help


Stay at the water outlet all the time!!Its been 2 days!Fucheng District, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province
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A thought of 015 Comments: Pay attention to mumps
A.Can Comment: I think, try removing the duckbill, Arowana likes surfing
Xunlong Jiy Comment: Remember, good water is the best medicine!
Xunlongjiy Comment: Have you checked the water quality?Saury grows fast?What"s the matter!What to do if you don"t eat saury for more than 40 daysHomemade Ingot Phoenix$Why don"t saury eat@aquarium fish prices)Is Ingot Phoenix worth raising?$What saury eats grows fast#Do saury eat parrot fish feed?"Great gods come and help!


Pretty boy?

My old Garowana fish foodreen arowana

My 11 Piece Red Arowana Pond

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    Colorful angelfish new fish lower tank: