Today I changed the water and forgot to turn off the faucet


The tap water is put directly for more than a minute. The whole tank should be tap water, because the bottom filter siphons the drain, and the water pipe is placed in the tank to enter the water (because the water in the tank is silent and will not rush to the fish).After a while, I went out and forgot that the water was still on, so I went home and quickly cleaned up.Fortunately, the fish is not a big deal, but it is a bit uncomfortable. It should be good to be hungry for two days.[ganga]Keep in mind.
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Longer Obedient Comment: You have to pay attention in the future
Ken Tsai Comments: I was shocked and lost money

Today I changed the water and forgot to turn off the faucet Aquaculture ForumHawkins Luzhou Laojiao Comment: This fish is a little urgent, but the fish is really comfortable
Hawkins Luzhou Laojiao Comment: Fish farmers have all done it, not soaking fish is not a fish farmer.
Wanda Hair Products Comment: Modified trickle automatic water change
Red Dragon Red Comment: Beautiful!
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