Dolphin Whale (Red-tailed Cat) Must be used for Qing?Whats the dose?


  1.5 60 60 cylinder!tiger fish rubbing tank!Want to get down![baiyan][baiyan][baiyan]How many grams?Dolphin Whale (Red-tailed Cat) Must be used for Qing?Whats the dose? Chocolate ArowanaDengzhou City, Nanyang City, Henan Province========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Yuli Yuyuan said: I am in quarantine, and I must use it.There is also the phenomenon of rubbing the tank, they all say it is normal, I have not been quarantined for half a year, come to quarantine whether he has worms or not
Jinlong Little Novice Yuyou said: 100 liters and 10 mg
Win in the rivers and lakes Yuyou said: Tiger fish tank is a habit and does not need medicine
Heart-to-heart baby Yuyou said: the next must be clear
Long Deshui﹏ Yuyou said: Each manufacturers medicine is different, according to the instructions
Amo Yuyou said: Never used this.
The fish collar is the card. The fish friend said: Be sure to put the weight on the instruction manual.Occasional rubbing is normal, you can not use itBest Bait Recipe for Redtail Fishing*How to catch red tail fish^Can the dragon fish die?~Can Arowana be eaten?!Fish Food English/Yimeidao Mermaid Breeding Video$Long-tailed cherry fish(Why do goldfish die:What is a rosefish?,


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