I found this bug again when I watched the fish tonight


  I found this bug again when I watched the fish tonightThe content of this article may have been invalidated by Xianglong Aquatic Alliance


  What kind of bug is this?Seeing that hot money is not like protein bugs, the length is a little longer than that of adult protein bugs. The hot money is a bit like snakes hot money. It is very distressed. It disappeared for a while, and now it has appeared again!

  Amateur me Say: Have you ever seen a fisherman with this bug?
Yuyouhejunyao Say: Flatworm
Yuyou Junqing Say: I havent seen it. The thick line should be eaten.
Yuyou Chenxi 66 Say: Change water and wash cotton
Yuyou Rookie 100 Say: never seen it
Yuyous passion and destiny Say: Cant cure salt by heating
Yuyou wild fish hobby Say: Change the water
Yuyou Peak qq Say: Cant see what it is.
Yuyou Rookie 100 Say: I have never seen how to answer I have never seen how to answerHow to feed silver dragon and koi polyculture!Is Silver Arowana a cold water fish?(Koi silver dragon polyculture)Can koi fish food Yinlong be eaten$Why did Yinlong hit the cylinder.Shanghai Qianhu Fishing Ground Arowana Price/Can Silver Dragon be kept with Parrot Koi*Silver Dragon Koi polyculture experience$Which silver dragon koi is good to keep%


A little peek at my shrimplets! :D

125 gallon, 4x2x2, $600

just to share my little xbcomplete fish

ID gender of flowerhorn

Small frogs in LFS


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