ALBINO PEARL STINGR He made two wild red carps in the reservoir


  The filtration system may not be strong enough, the water will smell bad in a few hours, and I still want to jump the tank, it feels too big, at least forty centimeters.

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  The happy dragon and phoenix carp said: Wild fish must have jumped.Watery is over frightened.To adapt to wild fish, you have to hide them first.Cover half of the tank with cloth, just adjust to two or three days

  Happy to say: yours is tap water, who hasnt raised it yet

  Haoyu Xianglong said: Basically it was released.

  Tianlong tattoo said: wild sex

  An Ninghe said: Try to breed a new variety with KoiColorful angelfish breeding tips%Unicorn parrot fish%How to divide male and female colorful angelfish(arrangement of colorful angelfish fish tank#How much is a colorful angelfish*What colorful angelfish eat!Which colorful angelfish and parrot fish are better to keep$How to feed colorful angelfish^Colorful fairy fish tank landscaping@Colorful angelfish videoALBINO PEARL STINGR He made two wild red carps in the reservoir!


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Choking arow

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FS: Hikari Pellets 2.2lb Pellet (Arowana


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