Pinglu Districts Ten Unifications release the first high-quality development and strong momentum


  At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is undergoing positive and positive changes.On the basis of strict prevention and control, Pinglu District has made great efforts to promote economic and social development.Under the premise of strengthening prevention and control, a differentiated strategy was adopted to start zoning classification, classification and time sharing, and resumption of production.The enterprise presses the "start button", while strictly preventing and controlling, while working overtime and starting full production in an orderly manner.This epidemic will bring pain to the economic and social development of Pinglu in the short term, but it will not affect the fundamentals of economic stability and long-term improvement.

  Conduct temperature and health surveys for homeless beggars in a unified manner, and provide assistance according to the actual classification.If the body temperature is normal, masks, transportation and meals will be issued according to personal wishes.If symptoms such as fever are found, they shall be concentrated and segregated for observation at the designated place in accordance with the principle of "collection should be collected" and free treatment.

  For enterprises with a large number of foreign employees who have not returned to work, the district government actively communicates with the local government where the docking personnel are concentrated, and unifies the chartered return; enterprises that charter their own return will enjoy the city government subsidies (concentrated chartered vehicles exceeding 1,000 kilometers).Provinces are subsidized by 1,000 yuan per person, provinces from 500 to 1,000 kilometers are subsidized by 600 yuan per person, and provinces within 500 kilometers are subsidized by 300 yuan per person.) The district government subsidizes another 500 yuan, 300 yuan, and 150 yuan;Posts are uniformly given to the ticket for actual reimbursement.

  On the basis of conscientiously implementing the relevant central, provincial and municipal policies, the Pinglu District Committee and the district government have issued 10 pocket guarantee policies for enterprise resumption of work, school resumption of school and epidemic prevention work of special groups, fully releasing the first high-quality developmentStrong kinetic energy can effectively promote the prevention and control of epidemic situation and economic and social development in the whole region.

  Pinglu District set up a guarantee fund of 5 million yuan for investment attraction, completed 300 investment projects and 30 key project planning and packaging, planned to organize 15 investment events throughout the year, 13 investment projects, and a total investment of 67.700 million yuan.At present, 3 other projects have reached investment intentions, with a total investment of 20.100 million yuan.Of the 15 projects signed last year, 10 were started that year, with an operating rate of 66.7%, the operating rate this year strives to reach more than 70%.(Xie Hong Liu Long)

  For Hubei contract workers of all enterprises in the district, before subscribing to work, the living allowance will be paid in accordance with the standard of 1700 yuan/month·person.All enterprises must reserve jobs for them, and must not be dismissed without reason.

  It is reported that industrial enterprises in the districts regulations have achieved a complete recovery rate, with a recovery rate of 100%, and energy companies should complete the recovery rate with a 100% recovery rate.All 252 industrial enterprises under the regulations were resumed.

  All the filed poverty-stricken people in the district, special hardship supporters, children in welfare homes, severely disabled people and other special groups, and teachers and students (children) in elementary and middle schools, kindergartens, all purchase through the districts financial funds or social donations.Distribute protective masks for free.

  Focusing on the construction of key engineering projects, on the premise of ensuring safety and quality, the district will closely follow the "transformation into the outline and project the king", and accelerate the construction of major projects and attract investment.This year the district plans to implement 68 key engineering projects with a total investment of 455.700 million yuan, planned to complete an investment of 10.4 billion yuan during the year.Among them, 17 continued construction projects and 51 new construction projects; 8 infrastructure projects, 37 industrial sector projects, 10 social and livelihood sector projects, and 13 ecological and environmental protection projects; 32 projects with more than 100 million yuan and 36 projects with less than 100 million yuan.In the first quarter, it is estimated that 27 projects will be resumed, including 12 projects under construction and 15 new projects. 17 projects have been resumed, with a resumption rate of 63%.

  Recently, Pinglu District has promoted online investment promotion activities through WeChat negotiation and telephone communication, and established a “WeChat Investment Promotion Group”, inviting Dalian Shanxi Chamber of Commerce, Shanxi Province Capital of Inner Mongolia, Beijing Shuozhou Chamber of Commerce, Nanjing Shuozhou Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Shuozhou Chamber of Commerce and many others.Entrepreneurs engage in interactive communication and online investment promotion activities on the WeChat platform.At present, Shanxi Puqin Clean Energy Company has invested 600 million yuan in the low-calorific value coal pyrolysis and quality separation project and Houan Coal Industry Co., Ltd. has invested 500 million yuan in inorganic non-metallic new material processing projects, and has signed contracts online.Shanxi Gutai agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. invested 30 million in the construction of an agricultural comprehensive development project; Veolia Environmental Group invested 500 million yuan in hazardous solid waste treatment project; Shuozhou Boyan Zhishang Management Consulting Co., Ltd. invested 1.The 500 million yuan Pinglu District Economic and Technological Development Zone double innovation service project; Shuozhou Pinglu District Genan Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. invested 38 million to build a 150,000-ton ammonia dilution project and other four projects are under negotiation and docking.

  The protective materials, protective clothing, isolating clothing, temperature measuring guns and other protective materials needed by special institutions such as District Childrens Welfare Home, District Center for the Elderly, District Glory Home, and primary and secondary schools and kindergartens shall be included in the scope of governments pocket guarantee, and priority shall be allocated.Lohan fish polyculture videos!Is it better to grow arowana in single or mixed culture?#What mixed mini parrot fish with:What kind of fish can a parrot be mixed with@What is the best polyculture of Yinlong and what fish%A mid-layer fish that can be mixed with arowana$Can the two dragon fish be raised together?%Arowana cannot be mixed with any fish$The best combination of silver arowana and what fish^What is the best polyculture with parrot fish"Pinglu Districts Ten Unifications release the first high-quality development and strong momentum。


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