Coarse Silver Plate Newcomers want to enter the sea


  Coarse Silver Plate Newcomers want to enter the seaI want to engage a four or fifty small cylinder nourish in the dormitory.I heard that the sea fish is very troublesome, in addition to what equipment except the sea cylinder must be.Please advise======== How to comment on Xianglong Aquarium League fish friends =====

  CNGJIVW fish friends say: cautious
Demolition of the captain of the fishman said: It is still too complicated.
I am proud, I am proud, because I am Chinese fish friends say: What is egg?
, Zhi Ge, the fish friend said: I originally there is a year of going to the sea . What is the egg?Lighting . sea salt . pure water!!Abandon the jumping lake .
Dragon is not a small fish friend, saying: I dont know much about the sea tank, but I heard that it is more burning, and the requirements for water quality are higher, there is also a requirement for the breeders.However, if you only raise the sea fish, the investment is less.In addition to coral, investment is compared.
Purely a happy friends say: eggs and lights, the sea tank is not good
Sonicpt001 fishy friends said: Every fish friend has the wild look of the sea tank, but it is really too tossing, and then play again. Haha.
No MING fish friends say: eggs and lights
Sonicpt001 fishy friends said: Brothers, high hands to play micro-sea cylinders ~ Do you have to play, egg ~ additional standing tube pure water seafrium, etc.
Dragon is not a small fish friend said: The pair said, the colored tank does not save money, the less the water quality, the higher the water quality fluctuations, will affect the cylinder.forwardanchorHow much is the cheapest ingot pigeon?Why ingot pigeons are so expensive.How much is a pair of 2017 ingot pigeons*Ingot chicken cooking method~How do ingot chicken distinguish between male and female"Are Yuanbao pigeons really so valuable?)500 pairs of national ingot pigeons(Do Yuanbao pigeons adapt to the northern temperature^The difference between Yuanhuan pigeon and Yuanbao pigeon:Where to buy Yuanbao pigeon cheap/


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