How can I make the fish tank inconvenient?


  The drip box is used. The water pump is currently the most common water pump. Can the bottom suction pump solve the problem of stool accumulation?
How can I make the fish tank inconvenient? Green Pepper Red Dragon
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
sbdouniwan Yuyou said: Turn the pump upside down, and add an elbow to the outlet of the pump.
Dont move around, Yuyou said: Buy some more energetic fish.
Deep-sea fish neighbor Yu You said: If you want to make it simple, add a wave and blow hard
Koi Terminator Yuyou said: Is it a bit dangerous for you to think about it like this?
Zhang Jiangang Yu You said: add a wave, and then adjust the direction of the sewer
Hair care master Yuyou said: Duckbill turns to the cylinder wall
澪开兘 Yuyou said: Adjust the direction of the water flow, behind your water inlet (duckbill) is the stool area.Schematic video of feed pellet machine&1000 yuan small feed pellet machine#Production drawing of feed pellet machine)Simple feed pellet machine*Small feed pellet machine 500 yuan.Principle of feed pellet machine~Automatic feed pellet machine%Make your own feed pellet machineHow can I make the fish tank inconvenient?。


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