Ask God to recommend a water pump


  Recommend a pump, what brand is better, quiet, power saving and cheap.

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Yuyou A Say: Chuangxing
Yuyou hyzldt Say: The brand of Chuangxing is good, personally feel that the price is reasonable, not very expensive
Fish Friends Love Lohan Say: Its impossible for the pump to sound a little.But Chuangxing is still good.
Yuyou Pan Xiaomei Store Say: Chuangxing, in use, it feels good
Yuyou 1956 cute Say: 24v old fisherman
Yuyou tx21721 Say: China-made is Chuangxing
Yuyou (._.) Say: The little sheep is good.
Yuyou LDianG Highlights Say: Chuangxing, or Sensen
Fish Friends Afon Say: Inverter.Quiet, enough power Inverter.Quiet, enough powerWhat kind of fish can saury grow with$Ingot Phoenix lying cylinder?Royal Blue phoenix fish!Monk Guan Swordfish#Ingot Phoenix does not speak:Ingot Phoenix Fish EatingFlying anchovies and colorful polyculture.0 ingot phoenix pictures"The best bottom fish in the fish tank)Ingot Phoenix Fish Eats Yanbao Grain~


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    Are colorful angelfish difficult to raise)