Seasonal cooling notes to share


Seasonal cooling notes to share Tiger-striped Silver Edge Fish
In late autumn, all parts of the country began to cool down, and I will enter zero next week.I am reminded of the following five points, I hope to help you take care of the love fish! First, the water temperature must be well grasped when changing water, and must enter the tank at the same temperature. The second is that the heating rod must be turned on, even if you are from Hainan Island, and then check and observe the use of the heating rod in time. Some friends detaining fish in the water pump warehouse should pay attention to whether the wire is damaged. The third is to keep feeding diversified, eat less and eat more meals, and dont be hungry.Live food processing is clean, frozen food thawed constant temperature, feed moisture and mildew. The fourth is disease prevention, keeping good water quality, avoiding temperature difference, feeding healthily, washing cotton frequently, observing more, and discovering timely treatment of the disease to prevent deterioration. Fifth, you should also pay more attention to your own clothes. Qiuyi and trousers should be worn, and friends in the north should pay attention to the temperature difference between morning and evening, and take care of your body. Wish everyone happy every dayGanquan County, Yanan City, Shaanxi Province
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
The fishing boat overflowed, Yuyou said: Why is the water so clear?!
A Shengzi A Yuyou said: the fish tank cover is engaged, feeding is delayed to half a month, and water change is delayed by one month.Coil up
Yang Xiaoke, that year Yu You said: Urumqi is already snowing
Yun Yun xu Yuyou said: Thanks for reminding
Pu Shuxu Yuyou said: Thank you
Years of Innocence Yu Yu said: Thank you
Shengru Xiahua xu Yuyou said: Thanks
sky treasure Yuyou said: Very good
Guangzhou Zhongyi Car Loan Yuyou said:
Christophe Yuyu said: Persevere and keep heating for more than 20 daysShort body ingot phoenix fish price"How to raise parrot ingot fish.How much is the price of sea phoenix fish~Ingot Phoenix Fish Water Temperature#African phoenix fish picture@Ingot Phoenix Fish Xianglong Fishing Ground%How much is an ingot phoenix,Ingot Phoenix Fish Lying Tank$Ingot Phoenix Introduction(Phoenix, Bolivia:


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