Im really not suitable for fish farming


Im really not suitable for fish farming Indonesian Tiger(4)

  Yesterday I fished it out and applied the medicine. I was afraid that the fish would jump around and wrap it up a little bit tightly.The blindfold was cured, and the problem came out!Put the treatment tank, 10 tablets of metronidazole, look at yourself alive!Just do your best!!Fish farming is really hard!Huyi District, Xian, Shaanxi Province========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  I am repairing a fish pond in the capital
Zhengtai Fisheries Yuyu said: Blind jb whole, dry towel is directly covered, the mucus on the body surface is fully sucked, even if it is not dead
Best Express Yuyu said: Whats wrong?Which brand of feed is good/Which brand is good for angelfish feedThrush feed that brand is good?What is good for red dragon%What brand of feed is good.Arowana adapts to temperature$Top 10 lobster feed rankings*Which crayfish feed is good&Positive and small lobster feed price list(Which brand of ornamental fish feed is good:


my new bd!

Red Arowana F2 BD Showcase!!!

New Facefish farm torontolift

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is it safe to get arowana from other cou


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