Introduce a filtering method


  Introduce a filtering method600.400.The 400 tank, intends to raise 10 horse eagles, the small fish start to raise, want to use the filter bucket, is it ok?I do nt want to worry about it, it s too ugly?

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  poplaryang Say: Filter bucket is not strong enough
Yuyou Qiangqiang 2288 Say: Back filter can
鱼 友 ruans Say: Filter cartridge plus a pre-filter cartridge
Yuyou Tianwu God Division Say: There are too many types of horse bream, ten horse filter cartridges are definitely not enough, ten rock dwellings can basically
Fish friend haidqm Say: Trickle, add barrel
The night of fish friends Say: What to put under the fish tank
The night of fish friends Say: What to put under the fish tank
Yuyou Zhuoran Say: Yes, the density is not big
Yuyou 13996378160 Say: Enough is enough. I used a bucket filter to raise 2 Arowanas, 1 duckbill shark, and 5 tigers. It s okay and the water is still clear. Beautiful fish farming depends on technology.How to mix chicken feed#Chicken feed production method%Laying hen homemade feed formula&Feed formula for fattening geeseRural homemade chicken feed~Matching method of goose feed:How to make your own chicken feed^Home-made chicken feed(


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