Coarse Silver Plate Everyones upper eye is this butterfly or dragon and phoenix


  Everyone estimates the price, about 40 cm
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Frog Walk Comments: Butterfly carp
shibin18 Comment: It looks like a butterfly.
Amo Comment: It looks like a butterfly.
Zaoyang_Jie Shao Comment: Okay, four digits!Dozens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, basically.The bloodline will not be very pure
Penicillin in the United States Comment: Reply @kuny坤: What price is it now?
kuny-kun Comment: Butterfly carp
Dont say anything. Comment: Butterfly, the price cant be estimated.Cats like to eat fish%Silver arowana eats vegetables&Arowana only eats shrimp but not fish:Does Arowana eat chicken.Do dragon fish eat pork"What silver arowana likes most(What is the favorite food of Arowana*Do dragon fish eat meat/What do 15 cm dragon fish eat?#Can Arowana eat bread?


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selling 1 red hook, 1 SD, both 7 inch