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  B over gold arowana cips 2019 China pet brand international pet aquarium exhibition will be held in Shanghai"Authority"-Big Coffee Pair Year Asia Pet Forum (gpfa), in addition to releasing new developments and patterns in the global pet market, has further introduced investment into the forum, with a view to more social capital to help the development of Chinas pet industry.

  The exhibition brings together manufacturers and suppliers of the pet aquarium industry in the world, and showcases the latest products and trends of the pet and aquarium industry in the same industrys exchanges.More and more cips exhibitors use cips exhibition as their annual new product release platform and the main basis for formulating annual production and trade plans. Cips is a brand feast in the pet industry.After 23 years of continuous innovation, cips is a vibrant professional platform for exhibitors from all over the world to fully obtain world pet market information, understand industry trends, and establish business contacts.

  The Great Wall World Pet Grooming Conference gathers events and conferences to create world-leading pet grooming activities in China and even the Asia-Pacific region, and build Chinas first-class pet groomer.

  The Great Wall Cup World Aquarium Fish Competition involves 20 varieties. It is famous for its full variety, large scale, high quality, strict competition system, strong popularity, and high prize money. It is a first-class feast in the aquatic industry.

  Stores are the forefront of link generators and end users. cips maintains close relationship with stores throughout the year and helps store operations. During the exhibition, thousands of stores are invited to enter cips to understand the most cutting-edge products and concepts.

  From 1997 to 2019, in the 23-year growth process, Chinese pet brands have made breakthroughs together with cips.We have experienced winds and rains, seen rainbows, worshipped classics, and believed in authority. After more than twenty years of rambling, now, it is time to set sail again and lead Chinas pet industry to change the worlds future!

  cips encourages companies in the pet aquarium industry to innovate continuously, increase the added value of products, set up the "Great Wall Innovation Award", solicit innovative products from around the world and invite experts from more than ten countries to form an international jury to select new products applied from countries around the world.The major exhibitions carry out touring exhibitions and push the products to the global market as soon as possible.

  In 2018, the Chinese government promulgated some important policies for pet food import policies, combined with policy interpretation to set up forums and special zones for imported food, cips provides information for imported food companies to enter China, and helps Chinese distributors find genuine imported pet food.

  Santong refers to the same line, the same standard and the same quality, that is, the export products of domestic and foreign products of the exporting enterprise are on the same production line and according to the same standard to achieve the same quality level. cips advocates domestic products, and Chinese users can also use the highest standards of pet supplies.

  The 23rd China International Pet Aquatic Exhibition (cips) is hosted by Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on November 20-23, 2019.After 23 years of development, cips has become one of the three largest pet aquarium exhibitions in the world and is a leader in Chinas pet industry, helping Chinese pet brands to go global.


  Since 23 years, cips has deeply rooted Chinese manufacturing in the hearts of pet users around the world by leading Chinese companies to all parts of the world, allowing the world to witness Chinas pet manufacturing industry from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strongDevelopment history.

  Since 2017, cips and JD.com have reached a strategic cooperation.Both parties will seek a win-win situation in big data and resource sharing, and publish the ``Pet Consumption Trend Report on the spot; opening up online and offline, optimizing the pet industry transaction experience, for Chinas promotion of the pet industryDevelopment is of great significance.

  The twenty-three years that cips led the Chinese pet industry has been the twenty-three years that Chinese pet industry people have struggled together, and the twenty-three years of the continuous rise of Chinese pet brands.cips has truly become a leader in domestic trade, leading the trend of Chinas pet industry; cips is a messenger connecting China and the outside world, integrating Chinese and foreign trade borders; cips is a stage for big coffee parties, using strength as the vane of the pet industry; cips is an industryFirst-class feast, using quality, professionalism and creativity to create a global brand carnival.10 cm Thai tiger fish price#Can Indonesian Tiger fish be polycultured%Ingot Phoenix and thick-line polyculture@What is the name of spade a ornamental fish:Six Burundi mixed with tiger fish^Is spade a silver plate fish good to keep"Arowana and tiger fish polyculture$How to deal with arowana grown up!


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