Everyone help to see what kind of guppy this is?


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Old Pan Comment: To be honest, dont be angry.This fish can be divided into breeds. That is the master. This is a hybrid string.There are genes for dresses, genes for red fans, and the tail cant see any peacock genes.
Lao Pan Comment: This post was last edited by Lao Pan at 13:33 2014-5-2
This is red grass, Im honest, dont be sad, this is a string.There is no such thing as a breed.
Half-foot horizontal line Comment: Red grass tail
leechi comment: red grass tail
Fleshy meat Comments: Red grass tail!
Sui Yuan Ming and Qing Comments: Red Grass
Dubai Comment: Red Grass
The Spring Festival of the second element Comment: It must be red grass tail
Alternate Little Lover Comments: Red Grass
01072 Comment: This is red grass tailThe practice of ingot fish$Why do fish keep single(Is the fish head going downstream?%How to treat goldfish head downWhat is the best fish#What is the fish?@Goldfish head down and tail up!Why do ingot fish belly up%Ingot fish hiding in the corner^Lohan fish head down,Everyone help to see what kind of guppy this is??


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4 black bar silver dollars 3 3 bar Indo


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