Purple-backed Arowana My practice hand dragon you will never fall out of favor B for 4 years and 4 m


  Purple-backed Arowana My practice hand dragon you will never fall out of favor B for 4 years and 4 monthsIt has been more than 4 years since the dragon was raised, and the dragon has experienced many things from the first 10 centimeters to the current 50 centimeters.The fish has been sick (water mold/melt scale/prone cylinder/eye drop/mouth/side swim) hit the tank (the big hole in the overflow area is caused by the collision), and also skipped the tank, about 2 years agoHe flew heavily from the balcony tank and fell to the ground. At that time, 3 fish scales were dropped, and the fins were also scattered. At that time, when it was still about 30 centimeters younger, I changed 150 large cylinders.I also knocked off the fish scales several times afterwards. The first scale on the top of the back of the head was knocked off twice.

   ? ? Some time ago, I suddenly had the idea of wanting to change a good back or red dragon. How did I suddenly have this idea?Where was the ecstatic energy when Arowana just invited home?Am I changed?Or am I looking down on it?Did it just fall out of favor?Have I ever forgotten the happiness and joy I have forgotten?No, I havent forgotten, I havent changed, my heart hasnt changed, I still love fish farming, this is part of my life.Its just that I became lazy. I really thought that I havent taken good care of you for more than a year. I took the time to take care of you for drinking or doing other things. I changed the water every 7 days and then changed it to 10 days.I will not change the water for 20 days or even a month later. The feeding will be twice a day to once a day, and the last 3 days, 5 days or even half a month will not be fed. I am too much.

   ? ?Now I have no idea of replacing this fish, I have to take better care of it.Fish farming is good for self-cultivation and self-cultivation. Fish farming is about mood. No matter what kind of fish you keep, from the beginning, I think you like it. Since you like it, you should take good care of it.

   ? ? Life is about sports, fish farming is about tossing, you will not toss and follow the wind after you are tired.Once the blue background was replaced by a white background and then replaced by a black background, until now the translucent tank has no background, no matter what background or whether there is a background, you like it.

   ? ? Okay, thats all for today, you will never fall out of favor with my practice dragon.

  ======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====

  otW1OW9w What kind of dragon is this?

  Hengfeng Kitchenware said: Very good, domineering

  ehcVtWBb said: How to cure it?

  A cup of tea has quietly said: How can you cure it if you lose your eyes?

  Aman qq said: beautiful dragon fish.

  2. Heroes do not eat hamburgers and say: novices are familiar

  Yu Fengxing said: beautiful

  Shui Shui Shui 002 said: It looks the same as my fish.

  Density fish farming said: so beautiful

  Tropical fish said: yes said: yesAuction the most expensive fish^Chili Red Dragon/Paris Angel Fish~Dragon Fish Highest Auction Price%Which grouper is the most expensive%Taiwan Butterfly Arowana!Indonesian Red Dragon No. 2)Super Chariot Red Dragon Fish Specimen$


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