One month home Gold-headed blue background gold arowana
These two malformed fishIts too eye-catching!
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Oreo with milk Yuyu said: This golden wave is really big and golden
Breeze in the dream Yuyou said: I would like to ask what kind of fish is golden blue and golden blue.
Brilliance 1 Yuyou said: In addition to colorful, what are the other two fish?
Beijing, Tianjin and Xiaoshuai Yuyou said: Why is it deformed?
Old Party Dragon Fish ¥Vigo Yuyu said: Colorful is too thinColorful angelfish fry&Colorful timidity put some finfish polyculture@Colorful angelfish and Butterfly carp polyculture$Tips for raising colorful angelfish^Wild color mixed arowanaCan angelfish and colorful be mixed!Secret recording of angelfish and colorful polyculture video~Do you want to put salt for raising colorful angelfish?%Colorful finfish and angelfish polyculture$How to raise colorful fry*


Dragonfish Competition @ aquarama 2arowa

New LFS at Bedok North (Ba chor mee) Fen

who feel 618 quality going downwards?

aro comm fight more when tank light is o

Polypterus ornatipinnis


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