CFIA (Aquatic Animal Health) Permit ....

CFIA (Aquatic Animal Health) Permit 。。。。。Is this something new??? (

CFIA (Aquatic Animal Health) Permit 。。。。。 Arowanaclub Canada
Is this something new??? (
Schedule III List。
Hope that might help。
this isnt that new its been talked about for at least a year now。 some odd species on that list tho like GUPPIES!!! really? guppies? !S
The full document makes for good reading!
scleropages jardinii is on the schedule 3 list。

CFIA (Aquatic Animal Health) Permit .... AROWANA Forum The deadline is coming up in December 10, 2012。 That might somehow ";rock"; a lot of fish stores across Canada。best food for arowana growth

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