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   Focus on scenery, supplemented by fish========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  16833996 Yuyou said: playing the scene
Ah oh yeah Yuyou said: What a big stone
Time Machine 133 Yuyou said: Yes, good scene
I love potatoes Yuyou said: Atmosphere
Shengjing Little God Cow Yuyou said: Catch a fellow alive.
Guangzhou Angyo Yuyou said: Good scene, great
Shenyang old iron Yuyou said: close to the peakOrnamental fish enteritis medicine%Guppy enteritis@Oxytetracycline for Arowana Enteritis$Arowana enteritis belly drum?How to use oxytetracycline"How to prevent Arowana enteritisTreatment of ornamental fish enteritis^How does red dragon fish enteritis cause$Arowana enteritis feces chart/How to treat tropical fish enteritis#Main View Three Lakes?


Survival of Guppy Fry

Leaving on Holiday for 1 week

Africian Goliath

Canon S90 PS

My humbke rars mama boomzzzzz!!!


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    Arowana and Arhat polyculture.