Disharmony made Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
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Muzi Li 011 Comment: There are fewer parrots, it will be fine to put four or five, but it cant be beaten, but the fish tank is a bit smallRed parrot feed ingredients*Can fish feed feed parrots(Mini Parrot Feed~What kind of red parrot fish food@Which brand is better for parrot fish food&Precautions for blood parrot breedingRed parrot fish what food to eat^Methods and taboos of rearing arhat fish:What brand of feed is best for blood parrots%Taijun Luohan Yuding!


Not for sale just for sharing :)

My humble 20 green tu long tao(sabre)

fish aquarium fishNKS Aquarium Aro Plecs

Pure Blood RTG

P14 batch of Holland.


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