Why did the fish die when I opened a new canvas pond?


  There is limited space at home. I made a canvas fish pond on the balcony. I used a four-layer water tank to filter the water and kept it for about half a month. After the water was changed, a few new fish entered the tank. All eyes collapsed within 7 days.The rotten body, the white spots, the white spots are all dead, and the head is a little deformed. I strongly suspect that the canvas is causing bad water quality. I dont know if any friends who have used the canvas fish pond come to tell meTell me what to do with this canvas fish pond
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Skinny chicken legs. Comment: I have sunken eyes. I said it was a dead fish caused by herpes virus infection. Do you believe it?Even chronic poisoning wont be concave!
God Forbidden Zone S Comment: Did you do quarantine when entering fish?
A小 Cabbage Comment: The canvas pond has been kept for a year. I havent been sick.
DA Lei Comment: Canvas cannot be kept for a long time, most of them are poisonous
Nearly transparent blue Comment: This is a fish pond
Ouyang Hao Comment: Is it a new fish?
I like to tinker with drums. Comment: I also use canvas. I bought it and kept it outdoors for a month
Wuji _weixin_366 Comment: This represents my personal opinion only for reference.
Promise_weixin_366 Comment: I also used a canvas fish tank, I bought it and put the water directly. After 3 days of feeding, I fished. The fish is nothing. After I distribute the water, I add three thousandths of salt, add water quality stabilizer, addVC tablets, plus nitrifying bacteria, and then add EM bacteria tablets.Then explode oxygen for 3 days, then you can fish.
Bad Words 003 Comment: Empty the pond, thoroughly disinfect and sterilize, and then keep the water for three days, enter the fish in the same fish shop at one timeHow big can a tiger fish be mixed with a dragon*How about raising 1 dragon and 5 tiger fish?)Why is spade a silver plate fish expensive%6 cm tiger fish and 30 cm dragon fish(One dragon fish two tiger fish Feng Shui^What kind of feed does Spade A Fish eat?$Do 50 dragon fish eat 10 tiger fish?/1 meter tank can keep several tiger fish&How much is a Thai tiger fish,


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