What are the common cold water fish?Top ten beautiful and well-maintained cold-water fish


  Kois colorful character is very gentle, and the meaning is also quite good, whether it is ornamental value or suitable breeding value, it is quite high.As one of the top ten feng shui fishes, the price of koi is also rising, and some of the more precious species, such as the most expensive koi in history, are quite scary and daunting.

  Chinese betta fish prefer to live in shallow water puddles or lush shores. Its shape is relatively beautiful and the colors are also very bright, which can be raised as ornamental fish.

  Guanbei medaka is a small ornamental fish produced by artificially purifying wild medaka. It is relatively small in size, good at changing colors, and highly ornamental.

  Thai Lion is a side-view ornamental type, suitable for feeding in a glass jar. In addition, different varieties have different morphological characteristics, and there are quite a variety of color options.

  The red-bellied water tiger is a very interesting species. It originated in South America and mostly appears in the Amazon basin.This is a very fierce fish, and it cannot be underestimated among freshwater fish.



  As one of the top ten beautiful and well-maintained cold-water fish, sturgeon has its own unique charm.It is a large migratory fish, easy to adapt to the environment, my country also has a very rich variety.


  There are many different kinds of aquarium fish. Different aquarium fish have different needs for water temperature and even bait. cold water fish do not need to be heated in winter, so many people prefer it.So what are the more common cold water fish?Lets take a look at the top ten good-looking and well-cultivated small cold-water fish.

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  Rock-climbing loach mainly inhabits small rivers with relatively turbulent currents and likes to live on stones. This is an omnivorous fish, and many things can be eaten.




  Baiyun Mountain fish is mainly distributed in the small mountain stream in Guangzhou. This is a fairly representative Asian language. The color matching is very beautiful, and it is very simple to raise. Until now, it is still quite popular.


  The last one to enter the list of the top ten good-looking and well-maintained cold-water fish is the Red Cross, which is a kind of fatty carp. It is a fairly common small ornamental fish. It is quite easy to raise, but this fish is not very easy to mess with.The character is more fierce and is not suitable for keeping with other fish.



  Goldfish is a kind of fish with good meaning, and it is also very common in the family.It is very bright in color, but also very lively and beautiful.Of course, some people wonder how the goldfish will not die in the breeding process. This is something that needs to be explored by oneself.

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