Will the dragons get stuck in their jaws?


  Will the dragons get stuck in their jaws?
In the past two days, I have fasted it and cured it. I was in a better state. I woke up early and found that the two white swallowfish were gone. Now I have a tricolor in my mouth.Although I have some snacks, I would like to ask.Will the dragon jab?Is it okay to eat without changing the water in the tank
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A variety of chaos-raised little white Comments: Its okay my fish was a large polyculture at that time, there was a cross-infection before, and then I forgot to feed it, people should eat and drink, and they havent died.
Immediately comment: good appetite, no way
Long Qiaoer Comment: Being able to eat is a blessing, and will find a way to solve the problem of food and clothing, which is gratifying. Its okay to dare to eat. My biggest food was a sparrow that flew into the balcony by mistake. It has wings and legs, and there is no hair left. Swallow it!Created with magic tiger skin shark feed*Where to create and magic rays~Creation and magic shark feed:Creation with magic elf fish bait,Creation and Magic Crayfish!Creation and Magic Flying Dragon Feed"What can creation and magic gold arowana do(Homemade parrot fish feed formula$Creation and Magic Golden Dragon Mount/Where to create and magic clownfish?


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    Arowana and silver arowana can be polycultured!