We must not compare the feeding tolerance of the silver arowana that just arrived home


  We must not compare the feeding tolerance of the silver arowana that just arrived home2. The most important point is that this is a pair of adult colorful angelfish, not a fry. If the fry has not entered the state for a long time or does not start eating, we have seen the king long ago. We must not be a juvenile with ornamental fish.Than patient.

  5. Their growth rate is also amazing. Basically, the individual grows up within half a year. At that time, we can change food slowly. Dont rush for a while. This mortality rate is extremely high.

  1. After purchasing some fry of carnivorous ornamental fish, many aquarists always want to force them to eat fish feed. This is not correct, and it is very likely that a fry will be discarded.

  3. The third point is that since I have already depended on this part, I will simply look at how long they can last. This does not matter, but today I still give them some mosquito eggs, and they alsoCan eat two bites, but the appetite is not very good.

  4. Moreover, they are in a critical period of physical development, and they urgently need various nutrients. For them, various small fish are their best bait. We must find a way to get this.

  2. Especially for large ornamental fishes such as silver arowana, at the seedling stage, that is, about 20 cm or less, we cant use my tricks to deal with colorful adults.

  4. Besides, most of the carnivorous medium and large ornamental fish are not suitable for feeding by fish feed. However, if there are conditions, for these small fry of ornamental fish, we still feed them with small fish shrimp or fish and shrimp meat.Better.

  4. If you follow the regular operation, after you get home, you will overheat and water, and then turn off the lights for three days, I dont always dangle in front of them, they have already eaten.

  5. One is that we can go fishing in the wild ourselves. In fact, this is not difficult. The other also has specially sold forage fish, which can be used to feed the arowana.

  3. Some small arowanas have never eaten fish feed since they were born, and suddenly they come to our house. Under the psychological pressure of extreme panic, how can they eat fish feed in an instant? How long does it take to adapt?

  1. For example, a fisherman today, one of its two silver dragon fry, one has already started to eat fish feed, although this proves that it may have eaten fish feed before, or is extremely hungry, but the other dragon isDont speak.

  3. Stop eating for three days to adapt to the environment, and then start eating normally. After slowly getting familiar with the owner, after a normal feeding for a month or two, we will start to repair them slowly.

  2. This may have a certain relationship with the guts and personality of each fish, but if the arowana still does not speak within a week, there is really a risk of enteritis or life. This is not polite.

  1. So, for these small fry, we cant look at their size, we have to be based on the age, even if we want to train them to eat fish feed, we cant rush for a while, and we have to change food slowly.

  Since the fish farmer has sent you the colorful pair of the two uncles I have raised, many aquarists are asking me, when will this dying second product be able to eat normally, how many days can they endure hunger?

  1. The first is that I have limited conditions here, and I dont want to pay too much for them. Anyway, old Uncle Zou has bred seedlings, so I have patience with these two lords.

  3. The most likely situation is that on a sunny morning one day, our little arowana did a morning exercise in the fish tank, directly came to an inverted posture, and gave us a body farewell ceremony, and then in one dayCompletely played inside.chicago翻译Which arowana species is best~Will the red arowana grow red all over?!Red Arowana has a green background, OK?@What kind of arowana is the most expensive"What kind of red arowana is the most expensiveWhich kind of dragon fish is good(Can the red dragon fish feed the centipede?)The red arowana species is the best,The difference between red dragonfish background color and scale.What do dragon fish eat well?/


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