Mermaid with one eyebrow How to grow the three fins after trimming


  How to grow the three fins after trimming========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Strawberry statement Yuyou said: The water quality must be good, then the water flow should be slow, and can not be mixed
Nicholas_Kun Ge Yuyou said: grow out irregularly and trim againblue base crossback arowana priceStingray eyes&Do you bite a stingray?)The best picture of stingray polyculture:Can stingrays be mixed with parrot fish?.Can stingrays never be mixed with hog-nosed turtles?*Do dragon fish bite stingray??Pineapple fish stingray%Why colorful fairy bites stingray%Mermaid with one eyebrow How to grow the three fins after trimming。


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Sianlon fish farm, Malaysia organizes local children to learn about dragonfish at Sianlon fish farm

Please ID This Predatory Barb Thanks


FS: 4 inch PNT (fly river turtle) - SOLD


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