Classic Needle Gold Arowana


  Classic Needle Gold ArowanaBody length 28.
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
:べ.Zhen Comments: Already goneBead scale
Rambohetao Comment: How do you feel a little red
Hualong Engineering Comments: Beautiful, thanks for sharing
Gourmet Kitchen 001 Comment: Good
End?Memory Memory Comment: Good
:べ.Zhen Comments: Which fishery?
chenkaivipsky comment: beautiful this box
lilei121322 Comment: Gold is full.Small frame
Wanru Life Comment: The scale frame is very beautiful
Longer Obedient Comment: Not badThe scale frame is very beautifulgolden arowana Ecological Base Original Fragrant Rice!Is Arowana wheat core powder safe?*Arowana Multipurpose Wheat Core Flour 5kg%Golden Arowana Rice Ecological Fragrant RiceGolden Arowana Ecological Rice 10kg Jintai@Is Arowana original rice delicious?~Why is Arowana raw rice:Arowana multi-purpose wheat core powder 10 kg^Arowana ecological fragrant rice 10kg price"


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New Shipment arrival: 28 Feb, 2014

Rainbow Pahang Gold - my 1st venture int

P14 batch of Holland.

Snow Mountain Siraitia grouper


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