Ibaka fish Evacuation drying cylinder


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======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
God Forbidden Zone S Comment: Come to learn
God Forbidden Zone S Comment: Appreciated
Ai Xiaoyuer Comment: Have you summarized your experience?Do you know where the problem is?
QY-binFen Comments: Cool summer, praise!
Alfa001 Comment: The red grass has been planted several times, and it doesnt grow well.
Legend of Jinluo Comment: Really good, praise one
Expect water plants Comments: Respect for life and love life.
Ai Xiaoyuer Comment: Very good, less color
Alfa001 Comment: I feel that the cylinder is still small, and it will be improved afterwards and then replaced with a larger one.
Alfa001 Comment: After asking you something, I found that the filter cotton I bought recently on Taobao is not easy to use. After about a month, the water began to be slightly cloudy. I can stick to it for half a year before, I ask everyone to buy filter therecotton?My filter bucket is Jiabao, thank youRed Arowana 30cm~The red arowana is the best)Red Arowana black tank breeding$Red Dragon Fish Feeding River Prawn@Red Arowana black$What brand of red dragon fish,Red Dragon Fish Fried Scales^Red Arowana and Arowana Polyculture*How much is the pH value of red dragon fish#What to watch for keeping red arowana%Ibaka fish Evacuation drying cylinder。


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