Help me see whats wrong


  I havent eaten for two days, and the yellow one
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:べ.Zhen Comments: Enteritis should be love
:べ.Zhen Comments: Enteritis should be ah
Lucky Superman Comment: Should enteritis be aa
A I Love Red dragon c++omment: Enteritis should be
Hualong Engineering Comments: a little enteritis, add some medicine to treat enteritis, or stop eating for a few days
Elegant and free Comments: Enteritis
Long Hu Xiang Sui Comment: Stop eating for a few days to observe
洋洋wei004 Comment: It will not be enteritis, what color of 粑粑
Talking dumb comment: It is estimated that it is enteritis
Longer Obedient Comment: Try the Oxytetracycline Medicine BathWhy do ingot fish turn white$What"s wrong with the eyes of the God of Wealth$Can the fish still live without both eyes?)Ingot parrot fish eye pictures%What are the eyes of the God of Wealth?^Suddenly, the fish kept no eyes&What is the one-eyed fish:What does the one-eyed fish say"Why are fish eyes blind.Two fish eyes in the fish tank are missing*Help me see whats wrong。


FS: Breeding Pair of Marble motoro x Mot

Nh3 Nh4 always at 1.5 ppm


My first BD 5.5

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