Ark Survival Evolution Sickle Dragon How to Play Sickle Dragon Game Analysis Strategy


  Title 1 Ark Survival Evolution Sickle Dragon How to Play Sickle Dragon Game Analysis StrategyThe Sickle Dragon can be said to be a more versatile dragon. First of all, it can fight, and even the Tyrannosaurus Dragon at the same level does not counsel.zd Secondly, as a tool for picking dragon resources, the left mouse button collects wood grass and corpses (that is, kills other creatures to dig meat), the right button collects fibers, and the c button collects fruits. In addition, each level of the sickle dragon can add a little extra collection attributes-fine collection and power collection in addition to attributes, which affects the quality and quantity of the collected items.

  Ark: The sickle dragon in survival evolution, as the name suggests, is similar to the sickle. This animal is very popular with players and the popularity is very high. The following editors will introduce you to the boat: a list of survival evolution sickle dragon domestication methods, hope to helpDear players!Sickle Dragon Attributes e799bee5baa6e4b893e5b19e31333363353763 at a glance: Common Name: Sickle Dragon (Therizinosaurus) Type: Therizinosaurus Multiensis Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivorous Disposition: Aggressive Domestication: Rideable: Wildness I dont fully understand how Sickle Dragon is on the islandSurvived on the breeding.You cant imagine that it has an incredibly slow speed, and Sisaurus also likes to be alone (without any companion support).I guess this is because it has the pure power to fight against the tyrannosaurus, so that this very aggressive medium-sized herbivore can thrive on the island.Sickle Dragons claws are the most versatile biological tools I have encountered, capable of removing trees and preparations on the road, and piercing the carapace and skin of the most defensive creatures on the island in battle.Domesticated domesticated sickle dragon is the most versatile mount for survivors.It can be trained to use claws rudely or dexterously, allowing riders to harvest the specific types of resources needed. In combat, the same claws can pierce the strongest armor.This convenience makes up for the lack of the ability to load large heavy objects like most herbivore animals.This is how convenient it is to eat, to work and to fight, and has a lot of claw skills.No wonder survivors are happy to domesticate this creature.If players encounter it in the future, they must strive to tame it under the premise of paying attention to safety. Well, there is so much about the sickle dragon.

  Title 2 Ark Survival Evolution Sickle Dragon How to Train Sickle Dragon Attributes and Domestication SkillsArk survival evolution sickle dragon taming method: After capture, eat the fertilized eggs of the dragon, plus a fullness of 400.A +40 fullness of vegetables; The newly-increased sickle dragon has the function of hitting resources, and chooses to add more points. It has more thigh meat than the south giant, more wood than the beaver mammoth, more fiber than the bear, more shell and skin than the wolf tiger.打聚合物比海鸥多,全能无敌就差不能打矿了,攻击比霸王龙高,血量比棘背龙高 速度还不低,左键打肉,木,皮,壳,聚合物,右键采Fiber, C collecting fruit; The top one is the extra bonus of extra resources, the right is the efficiency of extra resources, mainly by adding the above options, invincible tool dragon. "Ark: Health 7a686964616fe59b9ee7ad9431333365643662 Exist Evolution" is a survival sandbox action role-playing game made by Wildcard. The story is mainly about a group of humans who woke up and appeared on the mysterious beach to explore the ancient open world in order to survive. Players need to obtain the necessities of life through cooperation/competition.In addition to humans in the game, dinosaurs are definitely the protagonist, of course, there are mammoths, extinction sharks are resurrected, humans are suffering from all aspects of threats from sea, land and air.Players can use tricks to tame and ride dinosaurs and other primitive creatures. "Ark: Survival Evolution" is scheduled to land on the three major platforms of PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016.On May 13, 2016, Steams latest weekly sales ranking was released, and Ark: Survival Evolution ranked 9th.On May 18, 2016, the new survival map for PC and XBOX of "Ark: Survival Evolution" will be launched.On August 8, 2017, "Ark: Survival Evolution" (PC, PS4, XBO) was launched.

  Title 3 Survival Evolution of the Ark, How to Sickle the Dragon?First of all, you need to capture the Sickle Dragon. The new Sickle Dragon has a resource addition function. You can choose to add some points. You have more thigh meat than the southern giant, more wood than the beaver mammoth, more fiber than the bear, and more shell than the bear.They are more than wolves and tigers, and they have more polymer than seagulls. The attack is higher than the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the blood production is higher than that of the Spinosaurus, and the speed is not low. The left button hits meat, wood, skin, shell, polymer, the right button picks fiber, and C collects fruit. Next, the top one is the extra bonus of extra resources, and the right is the efficiency of extra resources, mainly to add the above options, invincible tool dragon. Finally, you need to eat the fertilized eggs of the dragon, one fertilized egg plus 400 satiety, and the vegetables only add 40 satiety. The story of "Ark: Survival Evolution" mainly tells that a group of people woke up and appeared on the mysterious beach. In order to survive and explore the ancient open world, players need to obtain the necessities of life through cooperation/competition.And need to hunt, harvest, set up tents, tame various dinosaurs, etc.

  Tame several high-level turtles, make a set of armor, shoot anesthesia arrows while riding the turtle, and prepare more anesthetics

  Title 4: The Ark: How to Survive the Evolution Sickle DragonSlowly approaching in a new green dress, just take a shot with an anesthetic bomb If you think the answer solves your problem, please adopt it. If you have any questions, you can continue to ask. If you have not answered the question, you may not be there.

  Title 5 Ark Sickle Dragon Fine collection, how to collect Ark Sickle DragonFine collection is to help you collect more unique resources.For example, if you kill a dragonfly, you will get two resources of chitin and raw meat. If you ask fine collection, you will get more chitin, and if you collect it powerfully, you will get more raw meat. The left mouse button of Sickle Dragon mouse picks wood, thatch, raw meat, chitin, polymer, the right mouse button picks fiber, and the C button picks fruit.

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